Bricks and Mortar

Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.


It’s time for one of my favorite events in Second Life, the 2014 Home and Garden Expo benefitting Relay for Life. I don’t normally blog interiors but when my friend Moco Scribe ( ) or Moco Home’s Emporium asked me to blog her “Atlantis Beach” house and furniture, I jumped at the chance. This is going to be a two part blog, because as you can see I was so excited to show it off today, this morning before work I yanked up my existing house and just plopped this one in place, and took a single raw shot. So the details (aka furniture) are yet to come.  This gorgeous glass and wood home, perfect for any tropical setting is only available at the 2014 Home and Garden Expo, so runnnnnnnn. For more deets on the Expo itself, check it out here:

For a LM direct to Moco’s Expo store, jump




6 thoughts on “Bricks and Mortar

      1. Sooo excited and thank you! /Moco makes herself comfy and sits down to a refreshing cup of tea with some crumbly biscuits to wait for the next instalment… :-0

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