Re-Finding the Words

One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can’t utter. ~ James Earl Jones
Thoughts Finally Uttered

I am going to say something and it may not be overly popular in some of my second circles.  Over the weekend I participated in a Fashion Show in Second Life and I wasn’t very happy. I was miserable actually. It wasn’t the show, the designers, or the agency, all of them did a fantastic job, it was me. Do you ever figure out a real truth in your life but as time passes you waver a little bit and jump in and then get slammed in the face with the realization you just made the same mistake… Again? Yeah, it was kind of like that. Anyone close to me knows I quit runway right after Miss Virtual World (was it 2011 (for 2012)?). I know some people thrive on the atmosphere, but for me it’s stifling, stressful, my arse gets numb, and I get bored, tired and cranky. Don’t get me wrong, I continued to walk some charity shows and shows with friends, but for the most part, I abstained. Wanting to stay a member of the agency, I signed up for the one show that was in a time that I could be available, only as the time rolled on, they changed the show to two hours later. Not convenient for me, I had a house full of friends wanting to watch pro football at that hour, but since I had committed, I held to it. Somehow along the way I had forgotten the amount of time it takes to prepare for a show, those of you who think it an easy  matter of dress and go, you are sadly mistaken. You have to dress, accessorize, adjust prims perfectly, pick walks and poses (I had five outfits with, at a minimum, twelve poses for each). Most of which I had to buy since I’d whittled away my poses in inventory to just those I use for pictures. In the preparation, I completely lost a weekend. I lost a blog post or two, and I felt like I lost my way. (thank you to the two besty’s who let me cry on their shoulders)

But today, oh how I love today. I am again officially holding the title of Blogger. Not runway model, just blogger and for the first time in three days, I feel free. Peaceful and free. When I note a change in my life I usually post the picture of me sitting on my traveling trunk, wearing a top hat and moving on, but not today. When I awoke this morning for work, I knew that picture wasn’t enough for today, because today I turn away from one area of my life to peacefully continue to grow in another. I jumped inworld, power shopped in five minutes, dressed, took a simple snap and cropped it. Retired again and moving on, I kinda like the feel of that. I hope your Monday is as uplifting as mine has turned out.
Hair: .Shi, Raven  **The Secret Affair**
Wings: Pure Poison, Broken Wings  **The Secret Affair**
Corset: [Haste], Anabel corset  **The Secret Affair**
Bottoms: *Boom*, Bikini bottoms
Ears: [Mandala], elf ears
Hands/Body: SLink, Physique and Relaxed V2
Skin/Appliers: Glam Affair Margot


9 thoughts on “Re-Finding the Words

  1. being able to recognize truths about ourselves seems to be the hardest especially ones that help create us in ways ..i guess everything we do creates us. yet again your ability to put into words your experiences is inspirational and encouraging ty

  2. Loves my lil Moo , Runway is not for everyone for sure, I do it because I like to belong to something outside my own skin on my pose stand, I spend more time in world than you do and I am not saying that is a good thing, just that it is a thing. If not for runway I doubt I would ever leave my pose stand. Runway is a tremendous amount of work and your not going to get rich, as a matter of fact it will cost you more than you ever get back but that is monetary. For those of us that wish to share in the experience with others in a team environment it works. It is my social outings…and I know maybe I need to get out more lol. For me I love it, but for you…..well I love when you are happy so sit on your trunk look gorgeous and be happy. Less time on the runway for you is a win for me, because you will have more time to write and that makes my everyday brighter too. Hugs my friend ❤

  3. Love this post, too. Runway’s loss is definitely Blogging’s gain because you always have something interesting and introspective to say and it’s delivered with a good dose of humour and common sense 🙂 Photography and styling are also part of your skills and that all goes towards making great posts ❤ Moz

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