The Birds

If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down ~Toni Morrison

The Birds

I had every intent of only blogging once today but as you know, the best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry. Awry in a good way though, at least for me. When I logged in, my friend Zib Scaggs of Zibska dropped me a couple of new items she is releasing for events. Instant love at first sight, I couldn’t help but take a snapshot and share them with my readers. The necklace and earrings are Sorrel which is available today at the newest round of ~Uber~ in their 50 shades of Sexy event. 50 shades is a good event for this set since it easily color-changeable with the use of a HUD and I am pretty sure there are at least 50 shades of color combinations for you to find which one matches your look. And for all you zombie crazed, vampire and werewolf loving people out there you can just keep those monsters to yourself.  When I was growing up, ah heck, even to this day, I do not EVER watch horror movies. All because of a man named Alfred Hitchcock. When I was a little girl I watched the movie The Birds, it frightened me so soundly I’ve never been able to sit through another one. I’ve never even made it through the Wizard of Oz.  If you love scary movies, tomorrow (October 1st, 2014) you better beat on over to The Instruments because the theme is scary movies. And this hat, Corbin, reminiscent of the scariness of the movie The Birds, is a perfect chapeau for those upcoming scary Halloween gala’s you all seem to frequent. Check it out, let me know here what you find, because I’m sure you all will find the perfect scary attraction to make your October the most frightening yet. Now see? I’m so nice I even included the taxi’s for you!

~Uber~ :

The Instruments :

Top: Baiastice, Caged top **Collabor88**







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