Life is the flower for which love is the honey. ~Victor Hugo


The Best of SL Magazine in celebration of it’s 7th Anniversary will be presenting “A Night at the Movies.” Each show will be dedicated to a movie that almost everybody will recognize. This International Fashion Week will feature creative and unique designs from over 25 of SL’s best known designers. Along with models from BLVD Fashion House, the modeling arm of BOSL & CO., shows will be held from Saturday,October 11th through Saturday,October 18th at the brand new event venue in the BOSL retail district. As a special treat, all of the 2015 Miss Virtual World candidates will be presented for the first time. I will be hosting numerous shows, beginning with The Diva’s show on Monday, October 12th, 2014 at 10AM. I truly hope you can attend.

The finale show will be a charitable event honoring Robin Williams. The GRAND FINALE SHOW for BOSL FASHION WEEK 2014 will be dedicated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness honoring the memory of the late actor and comedian, Robin Williams. The theme will be based on the famous movie “Aladdin”.

BOSL CEO, Reign Congrejo stated, ” this is truly a very special occasion for us at BOSL and we are very excited to showcase not only our fabulous models and Miss Virtual World ladies but celebrate all that is the very BEST in our Second Life.”



Hair, Tableau Vivant, Victoria

Dress: Tres Beau, Spring Fling,

Jewelry: [Mandala], Yakushi

Shoos: Miamai, Intollerance ankle pump

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