The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.” —Hubert de Givenchy


I think if you buy a dress because you just “like” the dress, you are doing yourself a grave disservice. You should buy the dress that among all other dresses makes YOU look gorgeous. It might not be the $4,000 Emilio Pucci satin dream the sales clerk says is “all the rage” this season. Who knows? The dress, your dress, the one that looks like it was created just for you? That might just be the one that’s on the rack at your favorite store. When picking your dress, pick with your eyes and nothing else. Just my thoughts on it, but I’m just a solitary wanderer with a closet filled with a life savings worth of rarely worn dresses.


Hair: Vanity Hair, Visionaire

Dress: Whimsical Imaginarium, Faraway **NEW**  (stole edited)

Earrings: IeQED, araw

Bracelet: [Mandala], Chunkeeey!!!

7 thoughts on “InstaGirl

  1. love this quote,,”The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.” —Hubert de Givenchy” … in sl it makes me wonder why we are all so alpha crazed deleting disappearing changing shapes for fashion why don’t the creators make clothing that fits the avatar … I had such high hoped for fitted mesh … it missed the mark … i love my mesh body though its no longer available and few make clothing appliers for it… appliers hit the mark the outfit fits your shape not the other way around….. i may have drank too much coffee ty Cao : )

    1. no you are so right Owl, I totally agree but in another way. I am rather slim (as an Asian avatar). and I typically have to wear a small to medium, but even if I go XXS in pants, skirts or the skirt part of the dress, I look like I am rocking a System arse (lawl, remember those? 😉 ). I do quite often wear the mesh clothes “over” (a size larger) than my actual shape and go without the alpha. Is that possible with the mesh body you wear? Thanks so much Owl! ❤

      1. I rarely wear an alpha with my wowmeh body. I try adjusting the clothes first though I do adjust the av or use the alpha system some times as most mesh is unadjustable. (Resizers and appliers I like)

  2. I like that quote, too! Heheh – most guys see apparel as just ‘something to be worn’ but occasionally you come across someone that takes pride in their appearance and then it’s all art on the street and a real joy 🙂

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