Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Modern Avatar

I mean, in rock music terms I’m like a dinosaur. ~Belinda Carlisle
Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Modern Avatar

I’ll preface this blog post with “I mean, like, in SL Model terms, I am a dinosaur, so what I say here, I am sure you can either take or leave as useful information. I am going to be short and sweet too, since today at 10AM SLT I am hostessing the 2014 BOSL Autumn Fashion Week show. I hope you will attend?

Lately as I’ve been scanning blogs and perusing photo’s, yes, I do this quite a lot, first in support of friends and bloggers, but also because you guys kick arse at fashion. But lately I’ve noticed a little bit of what I call “T-Rexing” going on and wanted to mention it here as a tip. T-Rexing, what the davil is that, right? If you visualize a picture of a T-Rex, it has what is termed as vestigial upper arms. Vestigiality refers to genetic attributes that have lost all or most of their function. Think, the appendix in humans, we all have one but if its removed, it’s not sorely missed. The T-Rex’s arms appear grotesquely shortened in proportion to their bodies and it’s assumed they were only used for, well, *embarrassed*, copulation.  I’ve seen a lot of this going on inworld too. Geesh! Not the copulation mind you, the T-rex arms. If you place your arms naturally at your sides, your middle finger, yeah the important one we use for traffic signaling, should extend about to the middle of the thigh. Did you know that on the average person, if you extend your arms straight out sidewise the distance from the tip of one middle finger to the opposite middle finger is equivalent to your height? So at my model size of 6’5″ my arm span should be the same. Another thing I’ve noticed sometimes is hands. A lot of us walk around with these tiny little hands, but it’s not our fault, it’s usually caused by mesh hands and feet. If you wear mesh hands, like the popular SLink ones (I never take mine off), you need to adjust your hand size to at least 20 for the average model, or you look like a T-Rex with toddler’s hands. I know, right? What a picture! Anyway, thought I’d drop a few pointers, so let’s take a moment and stop the madness before we all become extinct! Anyway, just my thoughts on the subject! Hope it helps. Now come see meeeee! ❤

Hair: Vanity Hair, Pajama Party  **NEW**
Hat: Bliensen + MaiTai, Libelula  **NEW*
Jewelry: Bliensen + MaiTai, Windchimes  **NEW**
Shirt: *VoguE*, Wyaney  **NEW**
Skirt: *VoguE*, Gizelle  **NEW**
EyeMakeup: Zibska **NEW** Cosmetic Fair!!
Boots: Maitreya, Laud
Bag: Baiastice, Secchielle

14 thoughts on “Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Modern Avatar

  1. Good tips and I have taken a look at my hands and arms especially after fitting with slink my arm length does match my height and my hands at not at zero but they are matching the slink

  2. Ya know, arm length is the one thing that bothers me about avatar symmetry. I see so many women with massive boobs and booty but if their arms are hovering around their hipbones, that is what I notice! Peep has Cao Approved arms and hands, btw 😉 ❤

    1. Of course you do! I’d stand for nothing less!! And soooooOOoo agree with the comment about the tata’s and bums, that’s personal preference but those arms and teeny hands, it’s like watching a horror movie! 😉

  3. THANK YOU CAO. Short arms with teeny hands are my pet peeve. I see a *lot* of it as a particular venerated runway Diva declared back in 2010 or so that all SL female models should have their hands set to zero. Even with the advent of SLink hands some of them have never adjusted them past this, and whenever I hold a casting my notes are always riddled with “AGGHHHH perfect in every other way but LOSE THE BABYHANDS!”

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