Everything Goes

In the fashion industry, everything goes retro except the prices. ~Cris Jami

Everything Goes

Everything does seem to swirl about backwards retro-actively in the Fashion Industry, doesn’t it? We wear jeans, we go boho, then punk, leathers, no wait, laces, and then we are back to the classics, black, whites, reds, florals. Now they’ve even started to create a new line, Eco-Couture, fashion created from old recycled materials. What’s next? Parachute pants? Mullets and Disco Suits? Why exactly do they call it “Fashion Forward” when it always seems to revolve backward? I mean, we put a  man on the moon, we have the ability for people to live in space, tomorrow land is here, isn’t it? And that ain’t just some park at Disney World.  I’m just sitting here waiting for my teleporter to come from Amazon by 3 hour delivery drone so I can by-pass rush hour traffic on the way home. I’ve seen Guardians of the GalaxyEdge of Tomorrow, Star Trek, and Star Wars and it begs me to ask. If we are always looking backward into retro fashion trends, how will we ever get to the really kick arse stuff like alien couture? Yeah, never mind, I don’t know how I got here. I reckon it’s just the constant worries and stress of a Lil Cao, I don’t know why my brain works this way either.  Just thought I’d give you something really important to worry about today.


Hair: Dura, Boy*53  **NEW**
Glasses: [sYs], Rave Glasses
Jacket/Pants/Shoos: Wicca’s Wardrobe, Cayla/Renraku/Lorraine  **The Couturier’s Dock**
Bra/Harness: Blacklace, Contessa  **BOSL Fashion Week**

Pose: Del May

Ear Worm:

17 thoughts on “Everything Goes

  1. I love the straps around the Exposed middriff but you know how much I like the strap he look. We loved edge of tomorrow by the way. Could the heroine have looked any more amazing?

  2. You know when I was doing MVW as Miss Belize I found this designer from there that has been doing Eco Friendly fashion for some time now Joris Hendrik, he was the inspiration for my Bridal challenge, which I think was my first and last time in the top 10. Not sure where I went wrong but that is in the past…we only move forward here. So, no tie die unless it is Boho and you know I loves some Boho. I would be happy with some space couture as well. Love you dollface and I am still waiting for the big news from last weekend..your gonna have to spill soon, ❤

      1. well last weekends will be old news and then this weekend you will have newer news…When is the wedding, when are you moving in lol,,,ooooh! guess the news I love that game…………………..ok, not so much, but loves you like A LOT ❤

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