The Ruler of My Destiny

Control your own destiny or someone else will. ~Jack Welch
Ruler of My Own Destiny

Most of my followers know I started Second Life my junior year in college as part of a computer class, it seems so long ago now. I began SL in 2007 and since that time, I graduated college, lost a sister in law to cancer, almost lost a brother to alcoholism, refound a brother as he rose above it, my two states away sister moved four states away, my other sister still sits entrenched in some distant planet called Wyoming, my parents had to move to a retirement community, my father passed away, I had a major surgery that increased my chance of having children to zero, Katy, my darling KT, the Parson’s Jack Russell Terriorist, finally slowed down when she turned 16 years old, I lost a beau, I gained a fiancé, my mother, well she’s still my five foot nothing, Bride’s magazine toting mother, so heck I guess one thing hasn’t changed, but for the most part, it’s a changed world. Do I still care about the things I felt so passionately about back then? Some yes, but for the most part, probably not, after all, even the most rugged terrain is changed by wind and weather in seven years.
The Point? About a month ago I said I was no longer going to blog events, that I wanted to concentrate on the reason I created this blog, the real, and second life adventures of a Lil Cao. Then two weeks ago I said this final Fashion Week would be my last runway show in Second Life. Today, as I was working outdoors with my real job, the air was cool and breezy, a relative rarity in Florida and it hit me, space is good, oxygen is better. Through the years I wondered if I should have an exit plan, or if, at the least, a date to extricate myself from SL, but I never could make a decision. I went from being inworld too much to be considered healthy, to the current six or so hours a week. But I want more. More life, more mom, more friends and more Dr. Ben.  And no, I am not leaving SL or my blog today, but I am moving on to step three.I am no longer going to receive items from designers to blog either. There are no words to express how thankful I am for the opportunity to blog so many wonderful designers over the years. It’s definitely made my SL uniquely fun and you guys really know how to create magic! There is not a moment, or item that I haven’t cherished! I will still have Second Life pictures for my blog, I really like the creative outlet it provides, I just won’t be part of blogging groups any longer. Thank you for trusting me with your precious designs and I hope I have pleased you more often than not, and though I am dropping out, I hope to stop by, pick up a few things and blog you again as time permits or when I run across items I can’t possibly live without! Until then, I hope your day is filled with happy satisfied customers! Have a wonderful weekend!  ~Caoimhe

Outfit One:
Hat: Miamai, Regina  **NEW** for TLC
Collar:  :Enigma:, The Ravens Scarf
Skin: Octobers 4 Seasons, Angelina

Outfit Two:
Hair:  Tableau Vivant, Mist  **NEW**
Top/Pants: Baboom, Savanna Combi   **NEW**
Shoos: Baboom, Laced Extreme  **NEW**
Skin/Feet: SLink
Skin: Glam Affair, Sia  **NEW**

Chair: Thiano Designs
House: Moco Emporium, Atlantis

17 thoughts on “The Ruler of My Destiny

  1. Carolyn, I want more from Life too. There is big change in the air, and from the sounds of it, you have had huge growth in your own life, stemming from pain and sorrow. But you grew into something more profound and better. You blossomed into the Wondrous Light you are today! And now you seem ready to make more changes in your Life and I say good for you! We will make them together and hand in hand, walk boldly forth where no man or WO-man has gone before. We make New Creation. Why? Cause we are brilliant and we are meant to Create a Brand New World. (((HUGS))) you Shiny Diamond! Love, Amy

  2. More power to you Cao! It is such a pleasure to read your blogs and even though I am saddened to see it might be fewer, I am happy to know that you are enjoying your life! ❤

  3. It’s good to live in the world, Cao *hugs* I’ve done that and then gone into SL – you’re on the other side of life so take that final step into the boat and sail on calm seas – it’s the best of adventures 🙂

  4. Well, though I am pleased you are going to experience more of what life has to offer, I am also sad that we have grown so close to possibly start slipping apart, I could have sworn I read Fiance in that post somewhere. Does that mean the Spork is going in a chest somewhere {like a box hehe} ? I know you are not leaving,,,like really leaving, but I miss you anyway ❤

    1. I don’t think I am thinking about leaving at all Spirit, just going to take it easy on “having to her certain outfits done,” so to speak. Like today, I took like FOREVER! to shoot that one pic. lol I had a hard time styling it for some reason. 😛 It’s always the easiest ones that are the most trouble…. >.< So, in other words, don't throw my junk out of the guest room yet!! I'm not moving out, so there! ❤ I prefer to keep the spork handy, you know, just in case, thank you very much!!!

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