Exhaling to Wait

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. ~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau


As we age I used to think we learn patience and understanding. My mother’s computer skills, or lack there of have oft been trying to my patience. You know the conversations, the ones that start with “my printer isn’t working” and I reply “is it on?” only to be met with a “never mind, its working now.” But then, I met the company known as AT&T and I realized me with patience is a farce. It started out rather amusing. In May of this year, my mum was calling me telling me her cell phone wasn’t working and I’d answer, you have to learn how to use it, mom. But after a few weeks of this I drove over and tried to use the phone, looky der it wasn’t working.  Yeah, I’m that bad a daughter. It would seem that when my father passed away, someone who will rot in ‘ell  a poor lost soul, stole my father’s personal information, WENT INTO A STORE! in South Florida and picked up a lovely new Apple phone and in the process changed my mum’s phone to a high cost data plan (my mum uses a dumb phone and we are six hours away from south Florida, so No AT&T it wasn’t either of us..).  I have to tell you, 5 months, 23 plus calls that even included one in which the customer service said if I didn’t pay all the additional costs they were going to ruin my fathers credit (yeah think about that one a minute). I kindly told him I didn’t think posthumously my father would give a flying rats arse.  But finally! it was all concluded, AT&T was gone, fired, done, finito. Or so I thought.  In August, I turned my landline to “snowbird” so I would only have to pay about 8 dollars a month to keep my phone number because I’ve rented my condo to some friends for a few months 8 months, 3 days, 4 hours and 15 minutes, while their home is being built. My first bill in September was great, $8.95. My next bill in October, $68.95! Yep, AT&T. Somewhere along the line “someone” added a landline long distance plan to my landline phone that’s sitting in a closet in my condo and AT&T charged me for two months (September and October) on this October’s bill.

The take from? Sometimes when you take a terrible event, work through it the best you can, make meaning of all the crap that just happened to you, dust off your big girl knickers and march on, just sometimes, you find, you might have found the light at the end of the tunnel, but it wasn’t just a light, it turns out there is a train attached to it. But, yeah, that’s just my side of it. Hope your train ride is a little less eventful than mine.  And I assure you, not all of this is in jest… much.


Hair: Boon Ark554

Jacket: Sascha’s Design, Conchessa  **NEW** http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Coco%20Beach%20Kelina/226/202/24

Dress: Rowne, Katia

Earrings: ieQED, Araw

Necklace: [Mandala], Chunkeeey









12 thoughts on “Exhaling to Wait

  1. Viewing your images is like breathing in fresh air Cao. The details are striking, the colors rich and vibrant and each one conveys a personality and emotion that is easily felt. I so much enjoy your work and send my thanks for posting it for others to enjoy. ~Rick

    1. hahaha that sounds so funny coming from a real, and easily the best photographer I’ve ever met, Rick! I’ll accept the comment because it made me that kind of happy that fills your heart the entire day. You know the kind, the kind that at little spots in the day you think, he really said that and it makes you smile because he really did. I love it when you visit me, almost as much as I love getting lost in your gorgeous work. Big kiss! And have a wonderful day Rick, stay warm!

  2. Another mind boggling image. Even with all the grrrrrr …. you are looking mightily good! Technology is a BEAR. And these companies IF you don’t stay on top of things …. which is a feat in of itself …. things have a way of changing, things you never um OK’ed. *shaking head* Good for YOU for getting to the bottom of things!

    RE: The father situation. Let it go, Cao. All that angst and bitterness will only end up hurting you. I am struggling with the very same thing, so I am taking my own advice, yet I really don’t know how.

    One last item on today’s docket. So many gave me recommendations regarding external storage for my pics. Did you recommend flash drives and if so, were you speaking of memory sticks? I’m very leary of HD’s right now. Gee, I wonder why.

    Sending lots of LOVE your way! Go listen to what I posted today. I have been listening to it over and over again to regain my Balance. (((HUGS))) Amy

    1. I will! I am heading back over there right now!. 😀 As for storage space, you have to remember photo shop is a big storage sucking program. I use memory sticks only to store data I look for every once in a while (sadly, my checkbook being an example). I actually still prefer a portable hard drive if its not something you will be carrying about with you. They are up to several TB’s at this point. But my pics are so unimportant, not works of art like yours, so for the most part I use and delete them only keeping a copy of them up on flickr. Big hugs AmyRose! :*

      1. I’m looking at Verbatim HD’s. Yep, 1TB. If I am to again revert to using a HD, this time, I am buying quality. I’m also thinking about using iDrive to automatically back everything up. I am promising myself whenever I upload my photos from my camera from that day to my laptop, I make a new subfolder within a main folder, and then right away, back that folder up on my HD. The thing is I get so involved in the creating process, it is so easy to get behind in the organization and management of files. Yet, I am going to do my best to do this! xx Amy

      2. I sort of picked up at the end of what happened to you. I thought you used a type of “service” or Cloud and your files were lost/taken. You had them on a portable drive? Did you try a recovery software to recover them? I am a writer and I lost quite a few chapters once due to a corrupt hard drive, I purchased a recovery software and it relocated them which to me was like winning the lottery because they were hard fought for in my brain and I think well written chapters and its always hard to recreate that.

      1. Nothing you can do. I’m having “issues” again either with WP or my iPad. I am getting disconnected from the internet even though I am connected. I had to copy my comment, shut down, reboot, go directly to your blog, and then paste my original comment. I’ve had to do this SO many times lately in the past few days …. I am SO looking forward to using my laptop. I’ve been wrestling with one thing or another for months either due to again, WP or Apple. It is exasperating! xx Amy

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