Queen of the Nile

All strange and terrible events are welcome, but comforts we despise. ~Cleopatra
SK- Caoimhe Fashion Teller
Photo courtesy of The Pierrot   ~ http://pierrotwebb.wordpress.com/

Inspiration for my Fashion Teller casting, Style as a person in history you would love to share a holiday dinner with. With the help of Wikipedia, “the name Cleopatra is derived from the Greek name Κλεοπάτρα (Kleopatra) which meant “she who comes from glorious father” or “glory of the father” in the feminine form, derived from κλέος (kleos) “glory” combined with πατήρ (pater) “father” (the masculine form would be Kleopatros Κλεόπατρος. After losing the Battle of Actium to Octavian’s forces, Antony committed suicide. Cleopatra followed suit, according to tradition killing herself by means of an asp bite on August 12, 30 BC. She was briefly outlived by Caesarion, who was declared pharaoh by his supporters but soon killed on Octavian’s orders. Egypt became the Roman province of Aegyptus.”

To this day, Cleopatra remains a popular figure in Western culture. Her legacy survives in numerous works of art and the many dramatizations of her story in literature and other media. (credit’s to outfit in the magazine, but I will give you a hint, there’s a whole lotta Champagne Fashion involved)

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