The Still, Quiet of the Day

The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind. ~Albert Einstein

I am quiet, in real life, honestly, I am. Very quiet and shy, almost awkwardly bookish. At times I become broodish and moody. Today seems to be one of these times. So not much to say. I made it into Collabor88 over the weekend and picked up this outfit from Harry Hyx’s brand Ison. To be honest, I loved it so much I actually dropped a NC to the owner telling them so. It’s nice to get props every once in a while, so I am sure designers enjoy them as well. Imagine someone stopping to tell you, or scribble a note to you telling you that you are [insert positive adjective here]. Maybe since it’s a Monday we should have a new holiday, we shall deem today “Acceptable assertions are abiding, accomplished, admirable, altruistic and absolutely appealing” Day.. So, here’s to you! I have quite a few inworld friends and adore you all. Some of you are scary smart, some creative geniuses, some humorous, but all are always so generous to the quiet moods of a Cao. Thank you for being so incredibly YOU!

Look at the Cao, bringing sexy back! 😉
Hair: Rowne, Sasha  @Collabor88
Shirt: Ison, Bandage Back  @Collabor88
Pants: Ison, Sidelace pants  @Collabor88
Bracelet: Zaara, Banjara Kada  @Collabor88
Collar: .Shi, Evra pendant
Earrings: ieQED, Araw
Anklet: .Shi, Kin
Shoos: .Shi, Fibra
Hands/Feet/Ears: SLink/SLink/[Mandala]
Skin: Kooqla, Onyx Dreams

8 thoughts on “The Still, Quiet of the Day

  1. You wrote: Imagine someone stopping to tell you, or scribble a note to you telling you that you are [insert positive adjective here].

    My reply: You are one of the smartest people I’ve had the pleasure to read.

  2. I do that too, drop a note to designers. I love the top and some day when I can get into Collabor88 to 288 I will get me some new stuffs. I am also ecstatic that I am one you count among friends. Love you dollface ❤

      1. so I got in, and actually think I am going to stop trying dollface. Last year everything was 88 and I bought it all now I don’t think anything was 88 but mostly 188 bought 3 things. Is it better to sell many things at 88 or a few at 188 or 288 hmmmm maybe they should think on that soon because it is only the 11th and was easy to get there whereas before it took days sometimes weeks. That by itself tells me something. Jus sayin ❤

      2. well I have always only bought a few things, but I am like that at any event. It’s got to be really something unique and kick arse for me to buy. Like this time, I bought the bed I am blogging today. I didn’t think 188L was a lot for a bed (not that I’ve bought very many, but it sounds cheaper than what I spent on my last bed anyway) but other than that I actually left with very little. ‘course, then I went to Season’s Story and spent about 3000 on those little bear and raccoon gacha’s that I will probably never use) 😉

      3. lol, well we do have our quirks,some more than others. I went to the thrift store and saw all these little stuffed hippos and other cuteness and who do you think came to mind……..that’s right, my favorite little moo that’s who ❤

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