I Is

If you look closely at a tree you’ll notice it’s knots and dead branches, just like our bodies. What we learn is that beauty and imperfection go together wonderfully. ~Matthew Fox


You may not believe this, but some days it’s really hard being me. I am a self-confessed introvert, clumsy and on the best of days see everything a little left of normal. How do I deal with being me? Well, it hasn’t always been this easy, and I can honestly say looking back, I probably didn’t always handle it well, but I’ve learned some since the beginning, accepted the rigid parts, softened the pointy parts, and along the way, I grew used to myself. How? By defining who I am in my own terms. I took the time to dwell on what I value and considered what makes up the essence of who I am. Don’t get me wrong, as I grew in wisdom, I would have to occasionally reassess my core values, because if you are spiritually growing, your values may change, but the point is, I didn’t remain static and glued to one spot. We should always allow ourselves space to grow, to improve, to become wiser.

Most of all, be honest and open about yourself and your limitations. We’re all imperfect, if you feel ashamed or insecure about any aspect of yourself and you feel that you have to hide those parts of you, whether physically or emotionally then you need to come to terms with yourself and realize these are probably not flaws a’tall. Hug these oddities close because they are the gifts that make you the unique wonderful individual you are destined to be and are. Be honest with yourself, but don’t beat yourself up, there’s a big difference there. And while you’re at it, apply this philosophy to others, as well. There is a difference between being critical and being honest; learn to watch the way you say things to yourself and others when being honest. Just because you believe what you are saying or feeling is honest doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not hurtful or even crucial that it be said. Or even crucial that it be said. I reckon that’s kind of a big point in all this. Is every one really entitled to your opinion? Just something to think about today, take it for what it’s worth to you because other than that, I got nothing but a huge wish that you all have a low gravity Monday.


Hair: Dura, Boy*53
Collar: Glam Affair, Edyta Bib Necklace  @Collabor88
Ear Wings: [LF], Guardian Ear Wings  @We ❤ Role Play
Corset: Faster Pussycat, Linn corset **NEW**
Top: Faster Pussycat, Freya  **NEW**
SkinL: Glam Affair, Sia
Bracelet: [Mandala], Billionaire
Hands/Ears: SLink/[Mandala]


9 thoughts on “I Is

  1. Thank you for these insight full words, I have no idea how you do it but every time i read your blog its almost like your speaking to me .. what you say sometimes goes along with what I’ve been thinking in my head and havent found the right words to help what I’m thinking. ❤ Love your styling

  2. Lil Cao, is speaking to many of us at once. We all share some parallel universe it seems at times. Love the styling is cutiful. I always see myself in just about everything you say, sometimes I take little bits and apply them because even though I am older it does not mean I am wiser. I am always open to others thoughts and feelings about things. I polished your “SPORK” for you it is all sparkly and ready for action should you need it. ❤ u dollface

  3. I just LOVE how you think, Cao. I too have not ever fit into normal, seeing things from a unique perspective, one that this world overall is not used to. Yes to honesty and yes to how you word things, even to yourself. I have been struggling lately about how I look due to the aging process, and darn it, I will stop critiquing myself by remembering what I used to look like, going from there and comparing before/now. If I don’t think myself beautiful, no one else sure will. I truly was determined to “beat” the aging process, but since the big M, nope, not doable. Great article, one I really enjoyed reading. LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit. It reminds me of another world, one that I “know” yet when I try to think upon it, it eludes me. Hope you are having a great day! (((HUGS))) Amy

    1. Just remember Amy, each of those lines or wrinkles are borne from a life well lived in and should remind you of the good and the bad experiences that formed you into the beautiful person you are. Xo Thanks for the kind words 🙂

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