Avi Choice Fashion Awards

“There’s nothing I like more than rewards. Well, other than awards. I also love coffee a lot too. Being rewarded with a coffee award would be the ultimate euphoria for me.”  ~ Jarod Kintz



The 2014 Avi Choice Fashion Awards will be held on Saturday 13th December 2014 at 2pm SLT and this year it’s going to be awesome. The show will be presented by Saffia Widdershins and Elrik Merlin along with T1 Radio. This year the program is brought to you by Avi Choice Fashion Awards main sponsor BOSL & CO. AviewTV will be streaming the entire awards show and the HUD for audience members will be returning.

SLURL > http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Avi%20Choice%20Holidays2/112/186/25

This year audience members can enjoy the new Avi Choice Variety Hall and that sounds very exciting indeed. The seating can accommodate around 80 audience attendees for the Avi Choice Fashion Awards 2014 show. Tickets are on sale now (300L) and will close on 11th December 2014. The dress code at the Avi Choice Awards 2014 is black.

This the highly anticipated annual event of the year in Second Life and everyone is welcome to attend. 😀

I'm done inconveniencing electrons, any thoughts? Come on, you know you have 'em, post them up here.

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