Goodness and Light

Happy is he who still loves something he loved in the nursery:  He has not been broken in two by time; he is not two men, but one, and he has saved not only his soul but his life.  ~G.K. Chesterton


I sometimes think the true magic of Christmas is somehow lost on children. Most children truly believe in the Spirit of Christmas and as such they possibly miss some of the magic around them. The infectious joy is a mundane normality to them and in their rush through the day, they enjoy the “things” they have received but forget to enjoy the feelings, the happy moments of life that is created. These get squirreled away for the bleak moments in adulthood when we have a vague memory and wish we could live those days just one more time. I wish there was a way to bottle this magic for adulthood because with age we learn to better savor that which is good, and pure, the joy, that’s the most sublime feeling of all things. But, also as adults, we have somehow lost this ability to cast away cares and implant the soft seeds of happiness that would fill our hearts with glad tidings and lightness.

Goodness and Light a

This year, I have the hope we can implant in one another an entire field of seeds for the year. In our actions and deeds with one another, with our willingness to just laugh and smile, at ourselves, and with others. To not sit in judgment or condescension, but to embrace one another’s dreams, to hold each other’s hearts dear and enable, or further, another’s goals above our own, because often, so very often actually, it’s the journey that is the highest award, not the winning of the contest. I hope you will think about this, ponder, if even just a tiny bit, but also, I wish each and every one of you to know, I am scattering my seeds like bright shiny stars into the winds and hope so much, they spread across Second Life and land in a small corner of each of your hearts! You have all brought to me so much joy this year; I will always wish to scatter it back to you!


This Christmas let your heart shine a little brighter, be a little more open to possibility. Christmas is not a time nor a season but a state of mind. Cherish peace and goodwill, look to others with a little more forgiveness, and feel the joy of the season with the heart of a child. Be glad, be hopeful and feel the good of the world spiritually. Because there is nothing quite so poignantly sad than to wake up Christmas day and not be a child, soften your view and embrace the season as a child. I hope you wake up in wonder and joy for all that surrounds you. That is the little wish I have for each and every one of you.


Bird: +Half-Deer+,  Northern Cardinal @The Liaison Collaborative
Snowmen: Miamai, SnoWWW!men @The Qrcade Gacha
Jacket: Mimikri,  Luxe Leo Fur jacket
Hair: Tram,  D602 Hair
Jewelry: Zuri, Snowflake **NEW**
Gown/Hat:  Zibska, Dylan **NEW**
Skin: Glam Affair,  Sia

Pose: .Slouch

7 thoughts on “Goodness and Light

  1. Love the styling, Love the invite photo even more…that hair is awesome. Catching some of your happy thoughts and sprinkling them around my Charlie Brown tree (a gift from my friend Peace) also because I miss the open laughter and giggles I had as a very young child, I pulled out the little Yorkie I bought last year and forgot in my inventory and added some lightness to my own SL. He is not much bigger than a mouse but with some tender loving care he will grow, just like all of you out there. Much love Dollface ❤

  2. I wish you all good fortune at this festive season, my friend!

    I’m remembering childhood Christmases now and it’s true what you say – the constant flow of joy in a pleasant childhood is really not designated to such celebratory seasons. I remember birthday parties being just as much fun and the absence of worry was striking. The days passed with no fear and the connection with Nature was the same as breathing, automatic. I know I was fortunate to experience life like that as a child, not all children are blessed.

    The only time I feel like a child now is when I meditate and all the experiences that I have built up over time (good and bad) dissolve into peace. I say the word Peace but it’s really indescribable, anything I say about it would be inadequate so it’s why I make the word a noun. It’s not always available unfortunately (due to many factors of physical pain or being unable to calm an emotional state) but I see it as an advanced version of childhood joy that is possible to access in adulthood. It’s a pool that never runs dry and if it can be drank from for even for a moment with such a tenuous connection, then the nourishment of the soul is vast.

    1. So true Moz, you are a wise friend. I think perhaps that is what is missing in my world right now. I’ve not slowed down long enough to breathe inward to find that hidden peaceful child like calm. Sounds like plan A for this weekend! Thanks!

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