The Opaque Feeling of Transparency

All changes are more or less tinged with melancholy, for what we are leaving behind is part of ourselves.~ Amelia Barr

Cao Dec 31 2014

I’ve been sort of melancholy and quiet this past few weeks. I can’t point to exactly why, but I can say I’ve thought long and hard about moving on from my Second Life. Heck, I reckon I only logged in twice since December 19th (when my work vacation started) and when I did log in I just sort of stood there staring into space. Though I’ve missed quite a few of you, for the most part I’ve been trying to get my back “back” to working order and spending time with the sorts of people who like to hang with Cao version 1.0.  Funny story, and I sware it true, a few years ago when I “retired” from modeling in Second Life, I swore to myself the day I find a decent Cloche hat in SL I knew my work here would be done. When I was trying to figure out what to put on, for a person with 53,000 pieces of inventory you’d think I’d find something decent to wear and rather than pull everything out, I do what Cao’s do. They teleport around in their knickers until something “sticks” to them. Yeah, I wish it were that easy too, if I had that option I’d have my clothes jump on me as I run out the door to real world work, too. As I was thinking about hats, my avid readers and friends know I love the world from the view of a hat, I remembered a free hair/hat gift from Lelutka and Celoe that I had picked up at [Lelutka] the other time I was in SL so I unboxed it. Lo and behold, well looky there, I found it (shown without the lovely included hair), the perfect cloche hat.

Cao Dec31 2014

Am I leaving Second Life? I am still not 100% sure, but know I would never leave those I hold so dear to my heart behind. You are not my Second Friends, you fit quite perfectly in that portion of heart reserved for the first batch, some of you are even on the epic status of my posse material. In the mean time, I hope you all have a glorious and prosperous New Year filled with smiles, laughter, friends and love.


Hat: [celoe], Mademoiselle  **FREE**
Hair: (Epoque), Sharp
Glasses: Pure Poison, Reindeer glasses  **FREE**
Ears: [Mandala], Steking
Necklace: .Shi, Starburst necklace
Shirt: .Shi, Daleth top
Pant: *Diram*, Body short
Anklet: .Shi, chainklet
Body: Maitreya, Lara mesh  **NEW**

Pose: .slouch
Letters: [con]








41 thoughts on “The Opaque Feeling of Transparency

  1. so adorably Cao, I would miss you to no end if you left. I would also understand, I love you so much I would wish all the brightest futures in the world to you and I think you should spend more time living your real Life.I know that I am on the list of peeps that you would never lose track of, so if I saw you every day once a week or once a month I would know you have me in your giant moo heart regardless. I ❤ you dollface and want big big things for you always

    1. You are indeed posse bound Spirit and always will be, infact when I decide to lose a bit of cash gambling I am going to hop on the next big aeroplane over to your new neck of the woods. I hope you had a peaceful holiday and are mending well. Love you so much, thru and thru. ❤ xox

  2. I’ve stepped away from my Second Life and trying to reorganize finding other things to do just to add more balance and break what I felt had become more a habit than anything else. I wish you the best year yet Cao. 🙂

  3. *grabs onto one of those incredibly long legs and holds on*

    I can’t say I would be happy if you left SL completely, but I would miss you, my lil Cao. My only wish is your happiness, whatever you do ❤

    *runs to steal that perfect cloche hat so you have to keep searching for one*

  4. May the new year hold many fun , exciting and happy times for you! Iam sure whatever is right for you is the way things will work out. I hope you find a new balance that keeps you writing … you really have a gift of putting emotion and feeling into words in a way that sparks thought. I miss that when you choose to be quiet and would really miss it if you stopped. Thank you for sharing bits of you! Happy New year!

  5. I always will support you, no matter what you decide you do, my lil mooh. After all, I know that lil world domination thingy is ours, no matter where we are or where we go. But no jest.. I love you and will always tell you to persue your hearts feelings.. but would miss you and your artsy fartsy ness for sure!

    1. *bags packed, passport and KT in tow* I thought you’d never get around to offering to support me! I quit ma job and will be there in a few days!! hahaha artsy fartsy, pfft! Have you looked at your blog lately?? You more than fill that bill! Love my little dragon and I’m so happy that today is THAT day! You know… THAT THAT day! Are you thinking what I’m thinking??

  6. Darn Dang Durn! I won’t wrap my head around that you might leave. No, Cao. I would miss you too much. Yet, you are entitled to a Life you create, and if your Second Life is closing, you must move on. Know that you I carry with me in my Heart wherever I am, and to me, we have become One, no separation at all. *wrapping my hands on those lovely long legs and saying nooooooo* … That was just my ego getting a little riled … I honor your decision whatever you do. With Love and a Happy New Year, Amy

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