Hold On A Minute, I’m Not Finished With Me Yet

People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

In the aftermath of the now quasi-infamous, very public “how to lose a friend in two days” Facebook meltdown that transpired a little over a week ago, I took the weekend to take stock of where I am, as compared to where I was. We may not admit it, but we all generally take a moment to think about how a crisis in our lives transpired, whether to dwell in sorrow or in righteous indignation that we were “done wrong.” It’s human nature. The thing is, these skirmishes are generally unanswerable questions because face it, they usually involve multiple people and where multiples are involved there is no true right or wrong unless the act involved illegal activity. We are all, after all, a product of the mores and ethos of how we were raised. And though we oft think, “what were you raised by wolves” when we are angry at some ones abhorrent behavior, it is seldom the true case. Or perhaps only I think that, who knows? But, how each of us chooses to reach a conclusion becomes a test and measure of our character. Would I have been happier had I not been involved? This is the type of question we all drag behind us like a bag of rocks after we stand for something, the sad thing is, if we don’t absolve ourselves of our part, or at the least accept it, it makes it harder to execute clean decisions in the future.

Lifes canvas

Is there a cookie cutter right answer to our moments where we choose to make a stand? Probably not. But I can guarantee, making a stand for what you feel is right sure feels like validation no matter which side of the argument you are on. And I’d rather feel validated than riddled with the regret that I didn’t do what I felt was right, because in life you have to stand for something or you’re not truly living. I reckon, there is one thing I do know, we don’t get to live life over and each of our lives is our own canvas to paint. Sure there may be some ugly smudges on your work of art right now, but you should love with joy that you created those smudgy learning points just as well as you created the gorgeously fluent colorful slashes of paint of your good moments. Is your work of art redolent of the sweetest Van Gogh? Probably not… yet, but then, if you are reading this, or breathing, then you’re not quite finished yet. I like the thought of that.



Hair:  D!va,  Yunie  @Collabor88
Sweater: Ison, Cinched Sweater  @Uber
Skirt: Ison, Metallic lace Skirt   @ Uber
Ring: Maxi Gossamer, Unicorn Maiden Star  @Collabor88
Necklace/Earrings: Maxi Gossamer, Selene   @Uber
Poses: Attitude Poses by AlexiaMax

13 thoughts on “Hold On A Minute, I’m Not Finished With Me Yet

  1. So this must be what the other comments were about on my other post. I think I agree with you.. it is better to be personally ok with your choices and decisions than to just worry about keeping or pleasing a friend. A real friend would be there regardless and value your opinion, but if they are doing something wrong they may not want to think about the fact they are in the wrong at all. Of course, I am still clueless on the whole thing, but I think you have done the right thing. Hugs you ❤

  2. Always stand up for what you believe in, as you know I rarely if ever speak out on things I believe in unless it is a charity event or cause. I took the same stand as you did, I did not say it so politically and gracefully as you, but I said it and then I let it go. I think the real question is if you lost friends because you voiced your honest opinion, were those people really friends to begin with. Opinions are just that, it does not make either side right or wrong. I admit I did not lose any friends over my stand on the matter but they did not back me either and don’t agree with me but that is their right. I love you dollface and I feel by your standing up for what you believed to be right was admirable and I am proud of you for it. You are right we can’t go back and get a do-over for any part of our life, but we can not live in regret either because it is what it is. If none ever stood up and took an opinion that did not go with the flow, there would never be change and for me I embrace change. You area role model to me and will always be the one I want to read little tid-bits about, so accept it, learn from it and move past it but never forget it, It matters little what knowledge we gain from an event only that we gain it . Smoochies my friend

  3. “But I can guarantee, making a stand for what you feel is right sure feels like validation no matter which side of the argument you are on. And I’d rather feel validated than riddled with the regret that I didn’t do what I felt was right, because in life you have to stand for something or you’re not truly living. ”

    YES, my friend! I just recently had the experience of calling a family member, make that two, on the horror of gossip. I refuse to participate, and I stood up for what I believe is the Truth. What they think or what they do, is not of my concern. If they don’t understand I did it out of Love, then they don’t “get Love”. Great post, Cao! Thank you! Love, Amy

      1. It’s been quite the journey, my sister. So much I “saw” was inappropriate due to blindness of others. I am no one to judge for I myself thought many times I was doing the Higher Way when I truly was not, all because I was not ready to “see” straight. Yes it is so not easy to “see” but not push. Yet knowing the time when to say something too, is not easy either. Tough all the way around. Lots of Love,Amy

      2. I sincerely do not know what you are saying about, but I will say, when my father was in hospice, I was very unhappy with my mother, for him being there and with hospice, for not doing more. I think in the end all we can wish for a loved one is comfort so they can pass. I am hugging you close Amy Rose. ❤

  4. Right or wrong it is only you alone that looks in that mirror each day and decides if you like who is looking back at you ~ it is not your friends or family that lives inside yourself but only you and what you decide has to feel right for you no matter what

  5. Cao, you stood your ground, spoke up against what you thought was wrong. I am sorry you lost a friend over this, but honestly one has to wonder how strong the friendship was that it could not withstand a disagreement….If all my friends agreed with me all the time, ugh, how boring life would be. I am proud of you for what you did.

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