In Your Jacket, I Still Smell You on My Skin

“I want to create a cologne that smells like a whisper. It’ll be for all the secret admirers out there.”  ~ Jarod Kintz

In Your Jacket, I Still Smell You on My Skin


As a sense, smell is a shaman, it carries you across years and miles to a moment in time nestled deeply in gossamer wrappings hidden with all the treasures of your soul. Those little moments and respites that you keep but don’t bring out oft in fear their memories will tarnish. Yesterday while taking my walk along the waterfront at work, I had such an experience. The St Johns River has its own life, its own smell and sounds, the splash of the coots as they gather together to commune, at other times, the bark of the alligator, the thick orchestra of the cicadas warning of impending weather, the smell, the dirty earthy smell of its iced tea color laced with the fumes of mud and the tannic acid of the trees intermingled with the metallic exhaust of the powerboats as they woosh by. The treasure door swung open, filling me with longing for the weekends of my childhood. Days spent on our little boat, my father laughing because I was too scared to touch the fish I had caught, my mother beaming proudly as she took pictures. A different time, a different world really. Everything was so simple as a child, I was it’s center and the world was viewed with wonder and hope. Strange how adulthood strips us of all vestiges of hope..

The take from? I was recently interviewed for a magazine as one of Second Lifes “Successful, Sexy and Single” and I was wondering why it is I can’t commit to a virtual relationship with any sincerity. I think my five senses is the crux of the issue. When I fall in love, I demand that I fall with all of my senses. How can you truly know a person if you have no vivid, elemental smell of them? A man’s smell suggests a strength and physical joy, a pulsating desire, that makes my toes curl. How could I settle for less than that? Yeah, I know, (who cares) but I just thought I’d throw it out here anyway as something to ponder.


Jacket/sweater: Ison (homme), Daniil Wool Jacket  @The Men’s Department  (TMD)
Hair: Vanity Hair, Cold Inside  **NEW**
Pant: Baiastice, Fall Mesh Legging
Pose: .Shi


Ear Worm

10 thoughts on “In Your Jacket, I Still Smell You on My Skin

  1. Great post and my thoughts were along the same line, which is why possibly took me so long to finally have that “aha moment” and it clicked ~

  2. well I had both virtual and physical for three years and now have been single the same amount, for me virtual or real there are parts that I miss from both, but since I have given up on “true” love” to me it is most important not to just settle for something over something great. For you little moo last I checked you have the Dr unless I missed a post, so no need to find a virtual partner for you. Love you dollface ❤

    1. you are correct in that, I am kinda of fond of him, I ended up somewhere along the lines of, “We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.” ― Tom Robbins Love you right back ❤

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