If I Were a Paperdoll, Would You Be My Paperman?

“I’d like to start out this press conference with a thank you to John Elway, Or, John Elway … John Fox” ~ John Elway

If I Were a Paperdoll Would You Be My Paperman Freudian slip? Yeah perhaps, but over the years Elway has always been the president of his own fan club. When DID we become such a narcissistic society anyway? I mean, geesh, we take snapshots of our food and share it with everybody, like they care. Is this our new norm? Self worth proclaiming and photo-bombing foodies? “I’d like to thank me, for being me, I could not have won this award had it not been for me?” Heck, I hope not. There was a time when it meant more to be helpful and kind than to be successful. Does anyone remember those “good old days?” Everyone lauds the winner of a competition, perhaps we should cheer for the person everyone thought the kindest and most helpful, yes, the Miss Congeniality of the group, in my eyes, now THAT’s the true winner. Why? Because sometimes the best candidate doesn’t win, that’s life. But, at least Miss Congeniality can live with the fact her peers actually liked her.

What’s my point anyway? If you aren’t satisfied with your life because you haven’t “made” it, perhaps you should change your view a little. Instead of aiming for success, an endeavor that is transitory in most cases, why not shoot for significance instead? Success is what happens TO you, significance is the good works that are created THROUGH you. Be a catalyst to positive change and hope to others, not a trophy on your own wall of fame because I guarantee, dimes to donuts, by living significantly and affecting positive change for others, your legacy when you are gone will leave a lasting imprint on all those you helped, motivated and blessed. And hopefully they will pass it forward and your tiny field of hope will grow to become a forest of hope. I kind of like the thought of that. Anyway, that’s my take on it, but then perhaps I’m still just bitter he fired Tim Tebow. 😉


Hair: *Argrace*, Haku

Crown: *Lode*, Hortensia crown, @ The Chapter Four

Babydoll:  Baiastice, Laurel  @ Collabor88

Necklace(s): Pure Poison, Gabrielle @The Secret Affair .   Kora, @ Kustom9

Body: Maitreya, Mesh body Lara  **NEW**



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