The Way We Weren’t

“…within the souls of the awkward and the overlooked often burns something radiant.” ~― Jo Ann Beard, In Zanesville    


(Monday’s a slammer, re-blog) You may not believe this, ah well, some of my more dedicated readers may believe it, having witnessed my personal mishaps over the years… remember the dork dancing at the wedding reception where I waltzed right out of my silk palazzo pants? Yeah, I am trying to forget that too. The thing is, I don’t really have to forget anymore, I accept these rites of passage as Cao-ism’s at this point in life. A big step in my growth was to stop worrying about the worst that could happen in social situations. Dimes to donuts, in my case at least, the worst usually happened anyway. How did I learn to relax? You may be surprised, but once you realize that at some point you are going to do something like trip over you own two feet, land on your arse knocking over the bean dip so it lands with a plop in your lap during the party, the actual event is anticlimactic, and face it, kind of funny too. Learn to laugh at yourself both when it happens and afterward. Turn it into a funny story that you can share with others. It lets them know that you’re not perfect and makes you feel more at ease, too. I’ve even heard it’s an attractive quality for someone to be able to laugh at themselves and not take themselves too seriously!

monday 1


Take from? Yes, if you want one. Develop and express your individuality. Whether it’s your sense of style, or even your manner of speaking, whatever it is, be proud of it. Value the person you are, follow your own style, love your own personality, and embrace your flaws; we all have them. That way when you reach the point in life where you have options, you can have them because of whom the real you is. You find you have friends and significant other(s) who appreciate that unique thing that is truly yours and yours alone. In return you will be able to consider these friends and enjoy them and know they are truly there for the real you and not for some made up personality of a person you are pretending to be. Just a little thought, take them or discard as you will, I just wanted to throw it out here as Monday’s food for thought. Hunker down, because this Monday’s pacing into a high gravity one.

Skin: La Petit Morte, Emmy
Hair: Rowne, Sasha
Lashes: MaiBilavio, Clumpy Princess
Shirt: -Pixicat-, Visionary jacket @Uber
Necklace: Zibska, Vespera @Uber
Shoos: .::Loovus::., Brooklyn Bootie @Penumbra Sneak Peek
bag: {Cherry}, Ruffle bag
Skirt: Maitreya, Herringbone Mini
Earring/Bangle/Ring: [Mandala], Nyorai/Pearl Rain/Motsumame
Hands/Feet: SLink
Pose: Di’s Opera


7 thoughts on “The Way We Weren’t

  1. Cao, I’ve learned to laugh at myself. Some of the things I do … LOL. And you, FYI are right on track with me today with my next post that is coming up, titled “Celebrate!!!”. It’s all about celebrating YOU. (((HUGS))) Amy

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