What’s Love Got to do With it?

If you are unhappy with anything-whatever is bringing you down- get rid of it. Because you will find that when you are free, your true creativity, your true self comes out ~Tina Turner

SINGLE & FAMOUS - Caoimhe LionheartNaw, don’t worry, I’m as romantically inclined as the next person, just maybe it’s whilst looking from the next room, so I promise to not rain on your celebration. You can imagine how surprised and honored I was, when BOSL Magazine   contacted me saying they wanted to feature me as one of their “famous and single” Second Life residents. I mean, I get the the “famous” I DID declare myself to be in February 2014, I am a little disappointed it took them so long to catch on, but that’s life. However, single? Sure, I suppose technically on paper I AM single, but it’s more of a by choice than “can’t find” situation. It was lot’s of fun and I was happy to be showcased amongst some real famous and single Second Lifians, so all in all, the bit of a lark was a treat to this old retired cow. The favorite part for me? One of my dearest friends Enzo Champagne, designer and photographer extraordinaire created this gorgeous portrait of me. I call that winning the grand prize. Anyway, I will be back a little later today. I’ve lots of pretties from the “Love is in the Air” Event to show off this week, so I am going to be a super woman blogger. If work allows, of course…. dam mondays.. In the mean time, check out the issue, there’s a little of everything amongst it’s hallowed pages.









13 thoughts on “What’s Love Got to do With it?

    1. and guess what Sue!? I saw in Vogue over the weekend they are back in style!!! *shimmies those knickers up* Of course, it was that actress from 50 Shades of whatever wearing them… hmmm Maybe I better keep them put away a little longer.. 😛

  1. It actually says Single, Sexy AND Successful! You forgot that! ❤
    But it's true.. every man wants to be with you and every woman wants to be you! You are udderly FABuslous dahlin'.

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