A Flicker of the Past

“Love heals. Heals and liberates. I use the word love, not meaning sentimentality, but a condition so strong that it may be that which holds the stars in their heavenly positions and that which causes the blood to flow orderly in our veins.” ~Maya Angelou

It happens sometimes I can’t really help it. I seem to have misplaced myself and gotten behinder and behinder and that was with blogging twice a day. I wanted to be finished with blogging Love is in The Air today because it closes tomorrow, so the two blogs today will be packed chockfull of goodies! So here goes. 16323631137_d05297372e_oI’ve really enjoyed this years event, there were a lot of incredible designers involved and the quality of the merchandise shows. I hope you’ve had a chance to stop by and pick up some of the lovelies. I also hope you have special plans with a certain someone this weekend! I do believe love is in the Air, can you feel it? 16511167751_fbf1ac8186_o

Outfit One:

Hair: (Epoque), Sharp
Shoos: .Shi, Allettare  @Love is in the Air
Dress: [sYs], Juliet   @Love is in the Air
Skin: Glam Affair, Sophie  @Love is in the Air
Glasses: [sYs], AvAlon glasses Bracelet: [sYs], Soho Club
Earrings: ]sYs], Styx
Necklace: [sYs], Maya
Pose: DelMay  **NEW**

Outfit Two:

Dress: Gizza, Cecelia  @Love is in the Air
Shoos: Gizza, L’Amour  @Love is in the Air
Hair: D!va, Matilda  @Love is in the Air
Skin: Gla Affair, Sophia  @Love is in the Air
Pose: Posession,  @Love is in the Air

Outfit Three:

Outfit: Azul, Licca  @Love is in the Air
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer, Little Memory Locket  @Love is in the Air
Shoos: Miamai, LeBlanc  @Futurwave15 Hair: Boon, PKG371

6 thoughts on “A Flicker of the Past

  1. Cao, when you have been married for as long as I have, the romance just is no longer there. Yet, LOVE, real LOVE is in its place. Yes, my friend, LOVE is in the air!!! Love, Amy

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