Looking for a Different Response

Because life is an odd and beautiful form of art ~ Cao
Or a Lessor God

I thought I would write something pithy and thought provoking today, but I’ve lost my muse for now. It’s cold today by Florida’s standards, no I won’t disclose the exact temperature because I know 99.9% of my readers (and Amy Rose) will climb through my monitor and kick my weasily arse for complaining about temperatures they would dream to be feeling right now. But as I took my walk along the lakefront this morning the icy wind chill made my brisk solitary existence seem so bleak and lonely that for now, I will hold myself within myself until I can repurpose the thoughts into a semblance of order.

Looking for a Different Response

Until then, I wish you a moment of inner quieting of that obnoxious little voice, you know the one, it makes us feel inadequate, not good enough, rich enough, cool enough, whatever. Actually, I wish you that voice be gone forever, replaced with the one who affirms so quietly that you are, no, that WE are, just exactly enough. I pray the quiet voice gives you a sleepy conscious because your motivation is in the right place and in the end you are stronger because you had to be, smarter because of the mistakes you made along the way, happier because the sadness shadows within you letting you appreciate all that is good and bright, and wiser because you learned when the bad happened to you, it taught you something new, even if it was simply don’t ever do that again. Life is good.



Headpiece: Faster Pussycat, Nymph
Outfit: Faster Pussycat, Tragic Bleeding Heart  **NEW**
Boots:  Faster Pussycat, Tragic Thigh High  **NEW**
Necklace: Rozoregalia, Belial
Neck: Rozoregalia, Bouhachi Ornament
Bellychain: Pomposity, gothic chain
Eyemakeup: Zibska, Noir II
Lips: Miamai, Chod collection
Body: Maitreya
skin: La Petit Morte
Pose: Del May
Lighting: Lumipro

Ear Worm:

10 thoughts on “Looking for a Different Response

  1. Laughing my butt off!!!! Good thing for YOU that you did NOT mention the temperature, Cao. Still laughing out loud …. Learning to BE US just for who we are as we tune out all other voices that have “supposedly” defined us for who we are, is truly not easy. Yet I say it is doable. I seem to be stuck in a rut, too, friend. Not too much inspiration with me as I continually see WHITE stuff and COLD temps without letup. *sighs* OH what I would give to be in Florida. *grumbles … the nerve of her to complain!* GRIN! (((HUGS))) Amy

  2. I feel like I could have wrote that last paragraph myself dollface, I certainly live and breathe it. It is 42 here and too cold for me lol only thing I already miss about sunny South Florida but thank the goddess I am not north of 1-10…lol, like that would ever happen. Have a happy hump-day my beautiful friend ❤

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