The Difference of Our Being

“All of us sport an invisible sign around our necks — “AS IS.” It means, take me as I am. I may not become what you want me to be. And I’m far, far from perfect. But I have some great qualities, too, as well as my share of faults. You will have to take me “AS IS” and I’ll take you that way, too.” ~ Steve Goodier

Clarity of Being2

Yeah, ahead of time, when I got into work today I pulled on the headphones and immediately started listening to Tool, it’s gonna be a high gravity one so if you want to just look at the pictures, I understand completely. Iggy Azalea is quitting Twitter because she was bullied for a “cellulite” bikini photo, special needs 15 year old bullied in class while substitute teacher looks on. This is the news headlines I am met with this morning. Really? This is all we’ve got? It’s like our world, especially the Internet is one big sieve and ever time you get one hole plugged the ugliness spews out of another area. What ever happened to social responsibility? Here we have this vast superhighway of knowledge, scientific discovery at its highest point, and instead of harnessing the greatness we, like swine, waller in the wastelands of negative nastiness, laughing at the angst and degradation of a weaker person until once they are broken we move on to the next person who shows fear.

clarity of being

I mean, I get it. I myself have acted less than stellar recently. I had mentioned before about how at my work a less capable candidate received a promotion when there were several more qualified candidates who were passed by and how it created low morale amongst the populace. This week I took a walk with one of the candidates and as we walked back in the building, continuing a conversation about the subject, I said “and exactly how many contacts are in [this promoted persons] portfolio” to which the friend responded, “they gave him a portfolio of 15, I guess that’s all the work he is capable of doing between watching movies all day.” Worse, we laughed and went on our way. My participation didn’t “hit me” until yesterday when I was walking alone. I should have offered sympathy and kept my mouth firmly shut. That would be the socially responsible thing to do.

Clarity of Being1

Individual social responsibility is the responsibility of every human to control their own actions. It is morally binding on everyone to act in such a way that the people immediately around them are not adversely affected. It should be a dedicated commitment towards the society we live in. Guess what, we live in a global society and that person on the other end of that electronic device is part of our world, no matter how far, or near, they are to us geographically. It ain’t rocket science, and it ain’t law, it is based on an individual’s ethics. Instead of giving importance only to those areas where we are in line to receive something, how about doing something for nothing, we should act quietly kind with others because it’s the right thing to do.

The Difference of Our Being

Seriously, whose business is it anyway to think they are the critics of all those they deem “different” or “less than” we are? Is it yours? Is it mine? Is the state of Iggy Azalea’s body even our business? How about the totally off base depiction of a student on a whiteboard in front of his classmates? Is that ever OK? Where is our conscious? Is heartless cruelty our true nature, and empathy an aberration? My mama always taught me “it’s nice to be nice.” It’s nice but it turns out there is an evolutionary advantage to simple honest kindness, some day you are going to need kindness returned to you and that bunch of trolls you surround yourself with? They aren’t really of the “be nice” ilk. As for me? Instead of celebrating Kanye West’s sort of “coming out” show during New York Fashion Week, I think I choose to applaud the Carrie Hammer’s “Role Models not Runway Models” and FTL Moda’s “Loving You” ‘s of the world who chose to embrace what is different about us by having non-typical models in their shows instead of staying with status quo. Now that, that’s what social responsibility is all about, accepting that which makes us beautifully different. But that’s just my high gravity on the subject. Take it for what it’s worth to you. Hopefully at least a little introspection.

Outfit One:

Hair: Tram, C411
Head: VCO, Mesh Head  @Winter Wonderland event
Hat/Outfit: Zibska, Otthild @Futurewave 2015

Outfit Two:

Hair: Boon, STK131
Necklace/Earrings:  Kunglers Extra, Elynr   **NEW**
Knickers: Maitreya, Bodysuit
Wall Décor: Leezu!
Chair: Apple Fall

Outfit Three:

Dress: *SoliDea FoliEs*, Sweet Powder  @The Couturier’s Dock
Hat: Miamai, Claustra Flower of Life
Purse: E-clipse, Cupido Clutch  @L’Accessoires

Outfit Four:

Hat/Outfit: Lyrical Bizarre, Elastic @The Couturier’s Dock



12 thoughts on “The Difference of Our Being

  1. Cao, you packed a LOT in here today. Whew! Yes I see how the morality of the world is in the gutters, and it continues to slide down. Yes we have so much technology and good at our fingertips yet it seems humankind seems to be deteriorating. Yes we are all responsible for our actions in all situations, but be easy on you when emotions are high. It is easy to give in to the lower emotions. I know. I’ve slid down more then once since the passing of my Dad, and kick myself afterward for saying what I did. Oops, be kind to self there, Ame. Same as I have said for you, Cao. Not easy to stay walking on the high road 24/7. And yes I am who I am and many, sad to say, avoid me because I refuse to play by the “games of life” and oops speak my mind. Alas, my choices in life are radically different then most too. Oops, so fear comes along and those who play the games I see and they know I see and so avoid me. Make sense, Cao? We who dance to another beat, will make a difference, and ARE making a difference. At times we too fall, but dang, just dust off and get right back on the high road! Love you! MUAH! (((HUGS))) Amy

      1. I’d say you have broken free of your rut. Hehehehehe The words came like a flood today. Which is good!!! You packed a lot of goodies in here today! LOL (((HUGS))) Amy

  2. Well said and well observed, my dear friend. What you are wishing for is a more perfect world altogether and this won’t happen until folks take spiritual responsibility for themselves. If you balance the roots, the tree don’t topple!

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