All I Know I Learned From Siri


I read or heard somewhere that the problem with young adults these days is though they smile; they seldom smile with their eyes. In reality it’s easy to see why; we spend so much time looking at our electronic devices we’ve lost the capability of looking, I mean, *Really Looking* at people. I’d even bet we all know someone, if not ourselves, who has texted someone in the next room to ask them something. *raises hand in guilt* It’s as if we are the ones behind the glass, no longer living and breathing in this world. How often does your computer think you are in love with it? I get it; I catch myself smiling full on at the screen at times too. But the sad truth is it’s just a machine, incapable of having feelings for you. Now, that guy, you know, THAT guy, the one in front of you as you wait in line at the checkout line, he’s got it all, well, he might anyway, but who knows because you barely glanced up because you were looking for your next witty post to throw up on Facebook. We may never know for sure, but I bet he sure has a lot more to offer than the audience of 2500 we call “friends.” It’s as if we have forgotten what the definition of a friend is. Our friend, our favored companion, has been replaced by an inanimate object. Have you ever really stopped long enough to think about that? We have become so connected to the “world” that we are now disconnected from “life.” And since when did life require quotes anyway?

All I Know I Learned From Siri

In one hand, I totally get it, I am just like you. I crave this affirmation, I want people to acknowledge me, interact with me, consider my opinion, or even laugh at my jokes. All of this is a legitimate natural response, we want validation, but since when did we need it all the time? Can’t I like myself enough not to constantly crave affirmation from someone else? In fact, I just read 65% of North Americans spend more time with their computer than with their spouse. With that percentage, no wonder so many marriages fail. And you 35%-er’s you go guys, because your group rocks! *hands them their cane* No seriously, no wonder I am too scared of life to marry, odds are in the favor I will marry someone with their face buried in a digital screen. I just hope for my mum’s sake, his and my crackberry can schedule a mutually agreeable date to meet up and actually hitch. Siri says not to worry, it will take fifteen minutes tops, she’s sure. And I know it’s not just me, it’s gotten so bad it’s about to be declared the newest “substance” of addiction classified as a mental health disorder. Kid you not, look it up. Oh wait, that’s kind of like having an alcohol addiction’s anonymous meeting and asking you what you’d like to drink as we hash this out.


The weird part about all this, the take from? This isn’t even where I was going today. I wanted to write something about me to make a friend smile (sorry Kaciee) and somewhere I just got stuck on why it’s so hard to smile at times and this is where I ended up, cell phone in hand, computer in front of me, feet mired in sludge. Hey, looky der, it’s not all a waste, I just found something I could throw up on Facebook while I was thinking about smiling. I love cat pictures, don’t you? You’d never know I am allergic to them, that’s something “that guy” in the grocery store would have found out by now. Yeah, I know, kinda high gravity for a hump day, sorry about that. But tomorrow’s another day, I can smile tomorrow.


Hair: Dura, Girl*60  (wearing a brown and a pink)  **NEW**
Jewelry: [Mandala], Pearl Rain Season 3  @Shabby Shiny event
Dress: *LpD*, *Rosetta*  **NEW**
Shoos: [sYs], Zori Tabi
Pose: KaTinks

Ear Wax:

6 thoughts on “All I Know I Learned From Siri

  1. I often wonder how changed we all are and are going to be, with texting instead of talking and being on our phone, even when we are at lunch with good friends. People can not put their phones down and the young have never really known about stopping when the moon is full and actually looking into someone’s eyes and falling in.

  2. lol, so cute today Dollface ❤ As I get older the sad fact is I like human interaction less and less. I am still in tune with mother nature as well as animals, but for the rest gimme my electronics………..I would not have met you if not for them, so it's not all bad. Love you Girlie and I hope Kaciee did smile

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