I Think I Might Have a Foot Fetish

The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art. ~Leonardo da Vinci


I was day-dreaming and looking at Azoury on the MP. I’ve always loved Azoury and Mayhem and Aniki Seetan. Heck, as I recall it, “back in the day” I tried out to be the Face of the Brand. Fell short, but found two friends, so all is good. Look at these things, all so unique, all works of art really. I just can’t figure out how to pull them off the internet to get them on my feet…



Seriously, I need these. They scream CAOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!


I’d so wear these on a camping trip, when the bears chase me I’m already up a tree.


Well, I’m done day dreaming and have to get my arse back to work for a little bit. I am checking out early today. Thanks for wandering with me while I “Instagram” my shoo shopping trip. If you happen to wander on to a method of vaporizing any of these babies into the real, ring me up. I’d pay a pretty Linden for it.

Ear Worm

2 thoughts on “I Think I Might Have a Foot Fetish

  1. Did someone say shoes? * quickly swivels her head, eyes darting in every direction* I think shoes are so much better than drugs since shoes last a lot longer.

    The red pair is amazing. How they used a foot to hold up a foot? So creative. Now…I must shop. Dare I use the word ‘enable’ Cao?

    Huggies 🙂

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