Expecting Perfection


We always hold hands. If I let go, she shops. ~Henny Youngman


When I blogged yesterday, I had actually uploaded the post on Thursday thinking I would take a long weekend break after the rather grueling Fashion for Life posts. I was supposed to go visit a friend in Georgia but it turns out earlier in the week her entire house contracted strep throat. Yep, the entire house. And as a mother of three she couldn’t have been in a very pleasant circumstance. I have a hard enough time caring for myself when I am ill, I can’t imagine caring for myself, a hoosband (you know how men are when ill) and myself. I know many of you think perhaps I should have gone up anyway and cared for my friend, and I considered it long and hard, but this is “THAT” friend. You know the one, she’s one gene short of the Martha Stewart clone award (all the entertainment, half the cash). There is no way she would ever consider letting me care for her, she’d insist on a dinner party, a picnic at the lighthouse complete with candelabra, and brisk morning walks along the shoreline. In fact, I mentioned if she could abstain from all of the above I’d come up and help her and she was honest enough to be honest enough to say, um no.



I never quite understand how people can expect this much precision and perfection when it comes to daily living. I think it would be exhausting. Actually, I know it would be exhausting, because it happened to me yesterday. Yesterday I did something rather uncharacteristic of myself for a weekend, I not only logged in Second Life, I stayed there for a very long time, over 5000 Lindens of a long time. But I blame it on the ~Uber~ event. If you follow my blog you might have noticed I have a huge love of the jewelry brand [Mandala] and when I saw Kikunosuke Eel was taking part in ~Uber~, I had to dip into my savings and buy the lot. As I panned over, I ran across this way too cool for school skirt by Blueberryxx for her Blueberry brand and instantly fell in love. I had more endorphins flowing than a Saturday night dancing night with the posse. I continued to pan about picking up items here and there, all which will be blogged this week, but as I reached the other side of the venue, I squealed so loud I frightened Little KT the wonderdog. My eyes focused in on designer Naminaeko of .Olive.‘s Steffi hair and I had to dance. This hair is almost an exact replica of my real life hair! Three little shopping moments of sheer bliss and I was a goner. So I spent a few more hours combing this event and several others but as I went to take pictures. I was exhausted. I had these visions of incredible pictures to show the beauty of the items, but, well, you get Cao prints. Either way, I hope you like them and I hope your weekend has been of the perfectly fermented variety.

~If you click the store names above it links you to inworld SLURL’s (not sure if I even mentioned that)~

Hair: .olive., Steffi @~Uber~
Necklace: [Mandala], Princess Dogtag @~Uber~
Skirt: Blueberry, Gabi Side-cut Skirt @~Uber~
Top: //Seull//, Pearl tank  . A past ~Uber~ Event (aka, no store Slurl in folder)
Sweater: *Coco*, Long Sleeve Bolero Taxi!




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