Existing on Vapors

“This much I do know – I’m exhausted by the cumulative consequences of a lifetime of hasty choices and chaotic passions.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love   


It’s been a bit of a long week. I thought I’d have more to say and as I pondered late at night, I want to ask about or tell about this, or that, by morning, knee deep in the drudgeries of work I fail in any attempt at coherent thought. I think I have to quit my job just so I can think. Me thinks somehow, if you can not string a coherent sentence together at work, perhaps you need a better pursuit in life? Is this living my passion, or is this how life is? You step one foot in front of another over and over, day after day, and one day you look back and say, wow, there are so many steps between here and there and only small moments hold any importance a’tall. Is this the legacy of my life?


Someday. How many times have I said “I will do this or that someday?” Someday is a killer of dreams, it is a disease. If something is important enough for you to say you want to do this or that eventually, why wait? A life fulfilled is one in which you set out today to live that dream and just correct your course, reset and regroup your sails along the way. Now that my friends, builds a legacy.

Hair: .Olive., Steffi @Uber
Shirt: Ison, Spider Tank @Uber
Pant: Ison, Marble Leggins @Uber
Shoos: Eudora 3D, Kiania Heels @Uber
Necklace(s): (yummy), Urban Native & Boho Beaded
Watch: [Mandala], Sitennoah
Glasses: sorgo, Tetsuo
Bag: HANDverk, Tetrahedron


5 thoughts on “Existing on Vapors

  1. My biggest fear? Is that my “Someday” turns into “I wished I had….”

    Stop making sense and hitting me right in the feels, ok! ❤

  2. *hugs* I think is it the tedium of work that gets you down. You have to work to earn cash, you need cash in order to live. It’s a simple thing but it has consequences that sometimes.. oh I don’t know… flush the child from you? In that way you turn off at work sometimes, you don’t want to think about anything to do with it. At that point I stop and listen to some music or find someone to chat with – anything that proves there is life beyond the mundane *smiles*

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