It’s the Silence Between the Noise That Speaks With Volume

“I like to call in sick to work at places where I’ve never held a job. Then when the manager tells me I don’t work there, I tell them I’d like to. But not today, as I’m sick.”
― Jarod Kintz


Short and sweet today since I am still under the weather. I just wanted to remind everyone Group le PonPon’s newest endeavor On9 starts today! On9 will not only feature footwear and accessories but will also extend to apparel, hair, and furniture. As a treat, one color variation will have an exclusive discount! The event will run monthly from the 9th to the 28th and the very first round will open this April. “Like” On9 on Facebook to keep up to date: . Follow their official blog: and check out all the amazing finds as showcased by their official bloggers: . Heck, I’ll even make it easy and include the Taxi for you!


Back to bed for me, as for you, git on over there and while your at it, enjoy your leisurely crawl into the weekend!


Necklace: (Kunglers Extra), Elwen  @On9
Hat:  Miamai, Goccia  @We ❤ RP
Dress: Miamai, Rossella

Ear Worm

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