It Being Today, When You Are Still Living in Monday

Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us. ~ Samuel Smiles


I don’t know why it happens but it seems it does more often then not these days. I spend a few hours on a weekend styling different outfits and taking photo’s of them, but by the time Monday rolls around I look at them and I no longer like them. The style is OK, it’s something else. Ah ‘ell, I suppose it’s quality. I don’t care for the photo’s themselves. I always end up throwing out a handful of them or just leaving them hidden on my flickr account where I store them, more like, bury them I reckon.


I really envy all of you who can make an artists rendition of a photograph. Perhaps soon I will quit working en masse and begin working in leisure. But for now, I hope you will accept my lowly photographs as more an attempt at being helpful than any proclamation of myself as an artist. Guess what? It’s almost the weekend and I hope you have some great things planned surrounded by friends and family! As for me, I’m just going to find me a greener pasture and wander on out there. Well, either that or just go to the beach or something!

Top Outfit:
Hair: D!va, Kelly @ The Seasons Story
Dress: ColdLogic, Babin Taxi:
Pose: Del May
Nails: NailedIt! The Brights (for Maitreya hands)

Bottom Outfit:
Hair: Mina, Arianna **NEW* Taxi:
Jacket: ColdLogic, Lannister
Short: ColdLogic, Lundy
Glasses/Shoos: Eclectica, Rockabilly **NEW** Taxi:
Necklace: EF, Heritage

Location: Baja Norte Taxi:

Ear Wax:

2 thoughts on “It Being Today, When You Are Still Living in Monday

  1. I am guessing you are not alone about burying a styling that doesn’t look good to you the next day. I know I have a photo mausoleum that is stacked high with the ashes of looks that on second glance were not the quality or look I wanted to achieve. I must say though, that you always look fabulous and your photos are always spectacular. I’d take your throwaways anytime. 🙂

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