Some Day.

There is a plan and a purpose, a value to every life, no matter what its location, age, gender or disability. ~Sharron Angle

Some Day My Ship Will Come

Soul searchin’ night, last night, I suppose the aftermath of the headache and opening all the windows to the unusual coolly sweet breeze. I want to say something and I hope you will take it with the kind heart of friendship. In our lifetimes, we go through many moments of time, so many moments that most are cast aside as dreft and long forgotten. But at other moments, those moments they are as finite as a needle hitting a vein, injecting a poison, forever destined to flow through us and though we may forget the event, it’s whisper resonates a song quietly in our head, never quite going away. We move on from the moment, have other headaches, joys and heartaches, but still softly these moments, pivotal to us in some form remain, sturdy and steady. I reckon it to be a kin to a child touching a hot stove, they forget the pain it caused but something within them keeps them from touching it again.

February 2015
February 2015

What’s all this? I honestly don’t know. I’ve been a writer with no words of late, so long now, what? Probably a year or more? But as I awoke this morning these words, whatever they are, were pouring out of me with the first peek of a freshly reborn sun as it moved away from it’s softly glossy cocooning ocean, shaking off the last dregs of the clinging morning clouds to once again be our shining star. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am a writer, I will write.

Ear Worm

11 thoughts on “Some Day.

  1. You are indeed a writer Ms. Cao. Even though I might not punch the like button or what happens more often, read your blog while on my ipad and that is not logged in anywhere besides on my dealers website, I follow your blog and see how you dance with words. Lately I have witnessed out of tune 2-steps, a tango so well executed it made me cringe and even a Dutch ‘klompendans’ here and there. In other words, Yes Madame, you are a writer. And you do write and for those who read and follow are taken on this journey through your pictures and words.

    So.. when will your book come out? *looks up completely innocent chewing her lip a bit in an attempt not to smile broadly* And more important will it have duck porn in it?

    Ms. Cao you are amazing and just do not stop your dance with letters. As letters will become words and words will become stories. <

    (dealers website –

    1. I love you Rwah, I truly do! Thank you 🙂 As an aside, I think about you often in the Spring, and wanted to tell you, I’ve given up my abhorrence of duck porn, now that there are all these little furry ducklettes running around, I’d take them all home with me if I could but mean ol’ Taylor says NO! MEN! *humph*

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