I Owe all I Do to Nellie Bly

“I’ve always had the feeling that nothing is impossible is one applies a certain amount of energy in the right direction. If you want to do it, you can do it.” ~ Nellie Bly

I Owe all I Do to Nellie Bly

The day has moved tragically on, or perhaps not so much tragically as expediently, since the day is near half gone and five o’clock is looking mighty satisfying. Yesterday was Nellie Bly’s (Elizabeth Cochran) birthday. Do you know of her? She is an amazing woman. When her father died she took a job to try and support her mother and 15 siblings. But that’s not the important thing, the important thing is she stood up for you (if you are female that is) and for me too. We weren’t even a thought to our parents at the time (late 1800’s) because they weren’t born yet, but she started a ripple. In 1880 an article appeared in the Pittsburgh Dispatch, it was an aggressively misconstrued column titled “What Girls Are Good For” that accounted that all women were good for was staying at home, tending children and taking care of their man. Justifiably torqued, she wrote an eloquent response to the editor and after a turn of events she was hired by the publication. But that’s not her entire importance to you and I, through her career she went where other women dared not. She spent a week in an insane asylum to write about the atrocity of the conditions there, and also circumnavigated the globe, most of the time alone, in a record 72 days. The point is, it’s these little ripples, not just hers, the ripples of all those fighters and scrappers who followed who strived so vigilantly so women like them, and you and I, could make the choice to work or to stay home, because we have a choice! And I kind of like that thought. From here, I wanted to reblog a little of a post I wrote a few years ago, I hope you don’t mind.


If you ask “Who Can Turn the World on With her Smile?” nine out of ten TV watchers, especially those who flip to the TVLand channel, would know the answer is Mary Tyler Moore. Hard to believe the iconic show is 45 years old. Talk about limited thinkers, did you know when the show aired in 1970 the producers felt they needed to provide an excuse why a 30 year old single, working woman would live alone? That’s how perverse our world was back then. I can’t imagine what would have happened if she had decided to have a live-in boyfriend, who wasn’t employed because she was the sole bread winner. This probably would have caused a world war! It’s amazing how far we’ve come. Yet, the sad part is we still aren’t satisfied. Why is that?


If you are a female, there are many things we can be thankful for and we should be. Because we have freedom of choice. Did you know the producer’s were going to make MTM a divorcee to explain her solitary dwelling preference? Hmphf, being divorced was seen as more appropriate than being single.. Can you imagine a world where the only excuse for being thirty and unmarried is because some guy left you? I think tonight when I get home from work, walk into my condo, shut the door and say “hallo lonely” I’ll say it with just a little more happiness.

I will be back with the missing spots! YIKES! I’ve lost the post it note I wrote all that stuffs on! >.< Bad Cao!

Outfit One

Skirt: *LpD*, Federica @ TCF
Jean Vest: Meli Imaka, Denim Vest
Bandeau: >.:Ryvolter:., Bandeau
Hair: .:Cheveux:., F063 @Creators Collection Box
Glasses: Haysuriza, Boston Glasses @Creators Collection Box
Jewelry: [Mandala], Lustful
Pose: Dream Print

Outfit Two
Shirt: *LpD*,, Judy Free Gift @ TCF!
Shorts: {Mon Tissu}, Cuffed Short
Hair: *Argrace, Azami **NEW**
Pose: Vestige

Outfit Three:
Dress: *LpD*, *Aiyana*, @ The Instruments
Hair: D!va, Kelly
Shoos: Maitreya, Antheia
Pose: Manifeste

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      1. She may think it’s useless….right up until she picks the person she wants to use that ‘phone a friend’ call dialing. 😉 *hee hee*

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