Turn the Day Upside Down, Shake it Loose and See what Falls Out

The problem with quotes on the internet is you can never be certain they’re authentic.~ Abraham Lincoln


I wish I had more time, I’ve a lot to say. But I got to work this AM and looked on my console of my car and saw I had a Doctor’s appointment in an hour and fifteen minutes… Plenty of time right? Except my doctor is past my home heading the OTHER direction. But that’s okay. I took it leisurely and now though I am at work, I am a little bit behind schedule on the things I needed to get done. Don’t worry about me though, I’ve decided life is too short, I am just going to shake it all loose, cover the easy stuff and breeze through until tomorrow. I just love the brand I have on today, .::Dead Dollz::. by Kiddo Oh is what a I call a confectionary style at times. Do you know what I mean? It’s one of the things I love about mesh, designers can create skirts that are hard to emulate in real life because of gravity. Below is a picture of what I am talking about. This is a gown I blogged in October 2014, see the skirt, it’s just like the most perfect fondant on a cake. Scrumptious!


Any time I see a style like this whether gown or short dress, I buy it. I guess we could call it Cao’s weakness, well, it’s kind of like ice cream is too, but today is fondant skirts. I hope your day turns out to be of the sweet and tasty variety. As for me, I think I might still have a pint of gelato in the fridge. Did somebody say “lunch?”


Outfit One:
Gown: .::Dead Dollz::., Vita  Taxi:
Hair: Vanity Hair, Cotton Club Taxi:
HeadBand: .Enfant Terrible., headband Mint
Necklace/Earrings: Kunglers, Elwin/Finrod  Taxi:

Outfit Two:    Link

Outfit Three:
Gown: .::Dead Dollz::., Octavia
Hair: Tableau Vivant, Cersei II @We  ❤ Role Play


Ear Laugh:

12 thoughts on “Turn the Day Upside Down, Shake it Loose and See what Falls Out

  1. I am always moved at your ability to use words to paint an exquisite phrase which so effectively tickles an emotional response. It is a wonderful gift you have. …and who could not love Kiddo Oh? Her creations are marvelous. 🙂 Now I am wanting a cupcake….I am blaming you.

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