I’d rather check my Facebook than face my checkbook. ~- Craig Coelho


I’ve a new story about my passive-aggressive relationship with Spanx! Spanx, do you know them? I think they are single handedly the greatest wardrobe development since Coco Chanel rolled out the original LBD (little black dress) in Vogue magazine in October 1926. In fact, they make that said LBD and those BodCon (body conscious) hugging  dresses look pretty darn good, even if you did forgo a salad for a bag of Fritos at lunch. *cough* not that I would EVER do that. ever. very often. I blogged about this relationship quite a few times, but here are two if you are curious. “I Ain’t Sayin” and “Save a Boyfriend for a Rainy Day”  (tap the titles to jump). Oh, my current story? It’ll have to wait, I’ve a busy afternoon. I’m leaving a little early, after the fiasco last night with Dr. Ben, I’m still recovering, and I need to pack and move to a different country.  I hope your weekend is sweat pants wonderful and to all you mom’s out there, Happy Mother’s day! It’s because of you that we ARE!

Hair: Tableau Vivant, Cersei I @We Heart Role Play
Jewelry: Zibska, Yseult @We Heart Role Play
Sweater: Baiastice, Boxy Cardigan
Top: Baiastice, Caged Top
Skirt: Baiastice, Sava High-Waisted skirt **NEW**
Pose: Manifeste
Hands: SLink
Skin: Glam Affair, Katra
Body: Maitreya, Lara

Ear Worm:

15 thoughts on “Push

  1. yes yes yes comeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to us (i know dra will be very very close to me soon) ❤

    And about those wooden shoes…….looooooooooooooooooool

    And just wanna say, i wanna steal your face, because i am in loveeeeeeeeeeee with it ❤
    You look stunning!!!!

  2. I fell in love with this skirt . . .and it was perfect for my project.

    Alas long gone . . . .*sob*

    Love otyour blog.

    1. Thanks so much Morgan. But this is a new skirt it was at Collabor88 last month. You might try asking the designer if you can buy it direct since she doesn’t have it out yet. Just show her the picture. 🙂 if she can’t and a high waisted skirt is all you need, Ricielli has a ton of them in the most gorgeous colors! Good luck! ♡

  3. This latest tableau hair reminds me of Cersei Lannisters hairdo in Game of Throne – so of course I had to get it XD

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