ath rugadh

“My sun sets to rise again.” ~ Robert Browning


Just in time for all those sultry samba laden tropical nights, one of our fave designer’s has reopened her doors. Joy Fellini of Fellini Couture will be having a Grand Reopening, but if you are like me, you will want to sneak in to grab some of her old faves, just like the gown I have on, “Fidgi Lagoon.” Silky soft, and colorful as an exotic jungle, this gown will make you feel the warmth of paradise, wherever you reside. Looky there, I’ll even make it easy for you, I’ll include the Taxi!: Taxi    See? I can be a nice Cao when I want to, but then, after all, it IS a Thursday for me. 😉 My birthday’s Wednesday so, I am sneaking out of here early (tomorrow) for a little R & R.


Gown: Fellini Couture, Fidji Lagoon
Necklace: (Kungler’s Extra), Damiana @On 9 **Open Now*
Hair: Miamai, Sakura
Pose: .Slouch

12 thoughts on “ath rugadh

  1. See you on the road, since I’m heading out of town tomorrow too. 🙂 Happy Birthday!! I hope wherever you go, it’s fabulous.

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