“But then one regrets the loss even of one’s worst habits. Perhaps one regrets them the most. They are such an essential part of one’s personality.” ~ Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Vanity Hair

I spent a little time learning about Vanity Hair’s newest release “Sookie” yesterday, and I think I’ve found the perfect hairs. When I first tried it on, it didn’t fit correctly and soon found out that I am the proverbial “egg head” I always claim to be. The front part of the hairstyle disappeared into my forehead, I opened “edit shape” mode, and with a simple move of the “egg head” slider from the right (heavy forehead) to the left (heavy chin) the issue cleared itself up. Don’t let this deter you though, I think probably most avatars have a more proportional head than I do and once I moved the egg head slider to a more average 48 the issue no longer existed.


Tabata Jewel spent over a month revamping her current HUDS and product and the result is flawless. Have you ever noticed the hair issue where the hair “sticks” out instead of curving naturally on the breast? Vanity Hair’s new line will no longer have this issue, the hair now conforms to the smallest chest (like mine) to even the largest of chest sizes. For those who prefer to rock it like a porn star, there is also a larger size hair included! As well as a MAT enabled copy and the normal, what I call “flat” color for those times you don’t want the shine of your hair to distract from the intention of your photo. Another “pet peeve” of mine is even though you are moving, your hair is fixed in place like we all wear enough hair spray to hold the tightest of helmet heads. With the “physics” included in the folder your hair will spring naturally with your movements creating a more accurate impersonation of real life hair. And though, I would always recommend trying a demo before purchasing any hair, I can attest, this new line has been tested with the Maitreya mesh body(which I currently have on) and several of the more popular mesh heads being produced, so there should be an easy transition if you happen to wear these.

TheColors 1The Colors

Colors! Did someone say colors? We are talking endless possibilities. Instead of quoting numbers to you, I’ve made a couple of textures of the sheer number of colors in each folder. But it doesn’t stop there, after you choose your base color, you click on streaks on the HUD and you can choose from a number of streak colors to further customize your hair to your tastes. Looking for that perfect shade to exactly match your favorite outfit? Yep, you can do that too. Click on “More options” at the bottom of the HUD and you can pick a custom color suited just for you. Prone to making mistakes? Yeah, me too. And with this hair you don’t have to remind yourself to make a copy. On the customization page click “clear” and click on the part of the hair you want to clear. In my case I turned the entire hair into a gorgeous blue to match my dress, with the simple clear and clicking on hair I no longer had hair that would make Smurfette proud of me!

Step One- Simple Base Color

First I chose a simple brown hair base from the "browns" folder
First I chose a simple brown hair base from the “browns” folder


Step Two- Add a streak of sunshine

Then I decided to add a dash of a lighter blond by using the "streaks" page
Then I decided to add a dash of a lighter blond by using the “streaks” page

Step Three-  Kicked it up a notch!

Then I thought, that just wouldn’t do for such a fashionable old Cao like myself, so I dyed my streak to a shade similar to the color of this gorgeous new dress from Gizza. Finito! Dressed in style and ready for some glamorous power shopping!


Hair:  Vanity Hair, Sookie  **NEW**
Dress: Gizza, Amalie **NEW**
Necklace: Gizza, Paper Rose @On9
Pose: Manifeste
Body: Maitreya
Skin:Glam Affair

I'm done inconveniencing electrons, any thoughts? Come on, you know you have 'em, post them up here.

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