The Times, They is A Changin’

Life changes so quickly. feeling grateful to be around such wonderful people to strengthen and grow with. ~Riley Keough


As you may know, I’ve been offline more than on lately. I like to say it was because of my birthday, but really it was a moment respite to reflect on where my next year of life is going. When I was off, the Billboard Music Awards were on and all. I got an award, did you know? Naw, not a Billboard Award, I mean, have you ever seen a Cao sing? My fellow blogger Annabelle Troy nominated me for a “Premio Dardos Blogging Award.” I enjoy her blog “Jane Eyre Gets Real” because it’s kick arse, so if you get a chance, link on over there and check it out! But heck, she didn’t have to give me an award, I already knew I was famous! Don’t you remember? Remarkable Oblivion told me so a year ago! I rarely take my award off, preferring to let everyone know how famous I am! I mean, Blair from Remarkable Oblivion wouldn’t lie to me, right?


My Second Life’s in transition right now, the times they are a changing. I used to log in on my lunch hour and eat with my Little Dragon Draakje Dailey. She’d have dinner and I’d have lunch. But we don’t do that anymore. It started to get a bit uncomfortable for her I guess. I mean geesh! I didn’t even bring my spork with me! It kinda looked a little like this though. Nah, I’m kidding. Sort of. I guess. She’s a really great cook! So while I eat, you know, something like a tofu and spam sandwich, she’d go on and on about some sort of Cordon Bleu concoction and I’m pretty sure she heard my tummy rumblin’ all the way in the Netherlands.

But on a happier note! I noticed on TV that every red blooded man in the US has reason to celebrate! Congrats! They made a Ted 2! Personally I don’t get the enjoyment of the flick, but several of the men I know loved the first movie. I’ve even caught Taylor up late at night, all the lights off, the volume really low, watching it on some obscure channel. I know, this is always how it starts, isn’t it? But look! See for yourself! Yippie-Yo-Kye-YAY or some chit like that.

I know, running off at the keyboard a little bit, let’s just say I had an “overactive” mind last night. The Voice is over and the 16 year old “kid,” Sawyer Fredericks won. I kind of like that, it shows hope for the future, well, in a retro sort of way. Take a hear, you will see what I mean. They were all excellent singers, I had a hard time picking and it changed week to week who I liked best. As an aside, I owe Christina Aguilera a huge apology. Don’t get me wrong, I knew she was a great singer, I just never realized how good. This tribute to BB King was top notch! Anyway, I’ve rambled on, Hope your hump day is sliding into the sunny side of Thursday! If anyone happens to see Spirit LLewelyn about, give her a hug from a certain lil Cao, and grab a few for yerself too, I’m an equal opportunity hugger.

Ear WorM

Hair: Tableau Vivant, Ton @The Men’s Dept
Earrings: Mandala, Leather Feather
Necklace: Zibska, Cadoc Donna @The Secret Affair
Skin: Glam Affair, Katra Miami @Uber
Top: Baiastice, Kasia Studded Top
Short: *JB*, SC High-Waisted Short
Pose: DelMay

6 thoughts on “The Times, They is A Changin’

  1. Ever tried to fend of a cat who loves fried rice as much as you do? He bolts to my plate as soon as it hits the dining room table and we both know he outruns me!

  2. Hello, and we did miss you Cao 🙂 I agree about Christina. I came to that same realization after seeing the movie Burlesque. OMG…what a set of pipes that lil lady has. Wowzer.
    Psst *takes her into the corner* where’s that awesome eye shadow from hon? I am sooo lovin it. Share?

    Hugs and smoochies for a fab humpty dumpty day!

    1. hehe I DID Eleanor, that’s the eyeliner on this Fabby Glam Affair skin 😀 If you want to go with a *ahem* less expensive sort of savings, Zib Skaggs of Zibska has tons, I mean TONS! of eyeliners including the colors like this one. I have all her make up, that’s why when I usually credit her eyeliners, I just say “Buy them ALL!!” Yes, Christina is more than just a pop singer isn’t she? wonderful! Have a Happy No-Dumpty Day yourself! xoxo

  3. Thank you for the hugs dollface Perfect timing as I really needed it. You know you could spend lunch hour with me but I am getting the feeling that the exit door is wide open and beckoning Lil Moos, what a bitter sweat day that will be… but I know I can always put on my trusty Moo tracker and find you . Hugs back my treasured friend

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