Drama Queen

“Difficulty is inevitable. Drama is a choice.”  ~ Anita Renfroe


I was strongly advised by my closest friend not to get involved in the current “drama central” blowing up on Facebook and I agree with her, I won’t, other than it saddens me. The thing is, the part that saddens me the most is the blind “followers” on either side of an argument. I want to begin with I am not a model or a fashion icon. Don’t get me wrong, I modeled but I wasn’t truly a model. Wait that’s not right either, I modeled but I fell short of what makes a person in the SL Fashion industry iconic. Do you know what I mean? The Winter Jefferson’s, Miaa Rebane’s, Marcopol Oh’s, Diconay and Mimmi Boa’s, and even at one time Ponchituti Boucher, and that’s just a handful of them. I suppose it could be argued they were the golden generation of Second Life modeling. Heck I’d even add in Strawberry Singh, though she proclaims not to be one, she surely is. But what makes them so great? Simple really, this “crap,” for lack of a better word, wouldn’t keep coming up. No one would put up with it, or at least, wouldn’t give it a second of their time. These people didn’t need to backbite and malign to claw their way to the top, in fact, the models who did pursue that route have pretty much stayed mid-level at best. I’d like to add, the models today who take sides tend to stand on a slippery slope too because you may “think” you are right, and just in your view, but all arguments have two sides and you don’t know what side the designer, or agency, or magazine you want to work for is on.


My question is, what do you expect from your life as a great ‘SL Fashion Icon?” Is that really what some people want? Blows my mind. But then, I said two years ago the Model industry in Second life is over, but it’s still here, so what do I know? But I digress, if this is your goal, go back and look at the work of Winter, Miaa, Marco, Dico and Mimmi. What made them great? Unique excellence, that’s what they give. Excellence in style, and contrary to a statement made, no agency or school, no matter who teaches the classes, can teach excellence in style, just as they can’t teach instinct and professionalism. Potential fashion icon’s have the ability to transcend agency and choose to put the designers they work for, the icons brand (their face/personality), and their name above reproach and by doing this they could be the “Face of” any brand on the grid. Excellence of self. A suggestion? Quit settling for mediocrity! Quit setting yourself up to fail! If you think a certain agency, or person for that matter, will get you something, help you achieve a goal, you are wrong. As far as I know, there is not a single designer out there who has an exclusive contract with a certain agency, or person, no matter who he or she claims to be. Forget the middle man, market yourself, get to know the designers, help them, show them your product in THEIR designs, make their clothes yours in your own way. Agency may get you in a show or more rarely a magazine (if they have one), but then what? Should they even be called agencies? They are more like event planners really. If you want to be “virtually famous,” make your own niche, empower the designs of others, take pride in your product (you), put in sweat equity but above all, don’t waste your time in silliness and petty drama’s. But heck, that’s just my take on it. How’s that for not getting involved besty?


Hair: Monso, My Hair Min Sorry! not sure which event!
Jewelry: Ariskea, Sea Shell @ Kustom9
Dress w. glasses: =Zenith=, Sunshine @ Kustom9
Sandal: ::C’est La Vie!::, Effy Sandal
Bangle: Earthstone, Gypsy Bangle

Ear Worm

12 thoughts on “Drama Queen

  1. Hi Cutiful, I read all the stuff and I am among those errrm less talented still teaching at MVWMA and I could have commented but I just couldn’t get my “Give A Shit Meter” up that high. It saddens me a lot that some in SL think they are better than others because we are all just different. We may excel at some things while other excel at other things but that does not make anyone better. I am just me and I only have to live up to MY OWN standards and believe me I set them pretty high. As for everything else, just be nice to one another and that is what sets us apart…I am not leaving SL but am very bummed about the split in the fashion world and if the drama continues I will have far fewer “friends” on FB, I have to look out for my own mental stability and all the negativity and mudslinging is not what I need…ya know. Hey but I’ll read your 2 cents, 10 cents or a quarter any time ❤

  2. I agree, Little Moo is a fabulous stylist but even more than that she is beautiful on the inside as well as the out, so will always always be one of my favorite peeps on the planet ❤ Love you too Draaa, even spread some love to Kaciee muahs!!!! Ole School lol I have been a model in SL since 2008 and am just now becoming known…partly because I model in stealth mode hehe and partly because I don't now nor will I ever be a clique type person. There are only 2 people in my whole SL that I want absolutely nothing to do with, one because she argues too much and the other because his words cut people like a knife and he has no regard for their feelings. The rest of you have your positive qualities even if sometimes we have to dig for them, I know they exist, so I am sending a hug to all "THOSE" people too

    1. and another!! &$&#*#$^^&^^^%^% (I learned that from the golfers over the weekend) 😉 Thanks for your inciteful words here, you know, as an old school marm and all. Love you Spirit xo

  3. I had to read this when I saw the topic 😀 I have a friend in SL who was going through one of the modeling agencies to learn how things work. Big disappointment for her! I’m going to pass this on 😀

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