Life When You’re Not Looking

If you are caught on a golf course during a storm and are afraid of lightning, hold up a 1-iron. Not even God can hit a 1-iron. ~Lee Trevino

Life is About Options

I spent the weekend with Taylor, he’s looking for a second home, a condo. What a restful time it was! The unit itself was so well appointed and massive! Three bedroom with three baths and a giant porch on the beachside. I didn’t like the beach nearly as much as the peaceful land in front of my condo, but this condominium had the luxury of having the ocean view and a golf view. I can’t say I follow much golf but I found the entire weekend rather amusing. They have these people, usually women that I noticed, who drive around on carts to bring the golfers drinks (soda or water, I’m sure 😉 ). The thing is, what goes in must come out. I’m not sure which golf hole we were staying over but I’m thinking it must have been near the end because one time when I looked down there was a fellow half trousered watering the palmetto bushes. I can’t imagine having to go so bad you are willing to take a leak in broad daylight amongst the view of 5 condominium buildings. Golf’s a funny game really, I watched little white balls land in sand pits, rough grassy areas and even heard the occasional “f*ck!” On that one, I’m assuming that’s not a good thing. They do a lot of wandering in the woods in golf too, though I suppose that’s just wandering off the beaten path. Me? I can’t play a lick of golf, tragedy of the time in my youth I couldn’t get the ball past that windmill thingy. Scarred me for life. But it was enjoyable to have the birds eye view on this one.

You know, for a person who confesses to wearing knickers out in public all the time, I seldom actually blog them. I purchased these a few weeks ago because I think they are so darn pretty. I hope you like them too! Have a great week!

Hair: Rowne, Freja
Panty/Corset: Sugar, Sweetie Corset Set
Necklace: (Kunglers Extra), Tamarind

Ear Wax

9 thoughts on “Life When You’re Not Looking

  1. you just get more beautiful everyday dollface. I admit I used to play golf and drinking makes it much more fun and though there are places to go get rid of your rented beverage……when ya gotta go ya gotta go lol, it’s all part of the game:-)

  2. Haha, golfing is our family sport during the summer – we we not into being parents who drove our kids around to soccer practice so since they were 3 years old we got them junior sets and took them with us on par 3 course. All through their childhood into teen years – this is our early 7 am weekend activities – although now we do half – 9 hole of a regular course. This was the only way my husband and I could enjoy ourselves – was cute seeing them T off and we let them take their time. Now they out us in a game!

    1. Squeeaaaaaallllll!!! You’re one of them!!! *flying hugs her friend* That is actually so cool Miya, you are a great parent, I wish I had more in common with my parents, they always went and did their own thing. I hope your week is as exciting as I’m sure your weekend was. :))

  3. Oh and sheesh my husband is Mr Fashion on the course with his black spider pant (yeah they are known for ski wear), red nike golf shirt, Callaway cap, gloves and the latest Ecco golf shoes – me I profess to short skirts in white, and pink top and cap, same with the kids – all geared in fashionable golf wear – the tackier the more fun it it lol!!

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