On Old Age

To me – old age is always ten years older than I am. ~Bernard Baruch

On Old Age

Been thinking about growing old all day. Exactly when I decided gramma panties were better than sexy one’s I can’t even recall. Yeah, I know, random. I’m just scared I’ve become one of those people I swore I would never become, you know, old. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad. I like settin’ a spell on the porch, drinking a mint julep and talking about the good old days as much next as the next old coot. *sigh* But I shore wish those kids would git off my lawn!

Hair: ::Exile::, City Princess @Collabor 88
Glasses: [sYs], Carmen
Top: [sYs], Mandryn @On 9
Jeans: [sYs], Madryn Flared
Earrings: Kunglers, Ciri [sYs]

Ear Worm:

10 thoughts on “On Old Age

  1. Old is fun…especially now that we have such cool technology. And let’s face it; isn’t it less expensive to tart up an avatar than to buy the designs for your own body? Your post made me smile, and as usual the image is stunning. Now I’ve got to whack a few kids with my cane.

  2. I just texted my dad to wish him a happy birthday, and I told him not to go rabble rousing with the whippersnappers. You know you’re getting old when you start warning your *parents* to party responsibly! 😀

    Also, I’m convinced that one doesn’t truly cross over into the realm of “elderly” until they start referring to couches and sofas as “davenports” as my grandmothers used to. So you’re safe settin’ on that porch and reminiscing, Cao – but stay away from those devilish davenports! ❤

  3. you know your old when AARP starts sending you shit on your 49th b-day, I mean come one we know it’s coming but to do really need to start rubbing it in a year in advance pffffffft. You are so smexy in casualwear Dollface, Stock up on the muscle creams and enjoy your cocktail lol. If I must grow old, I am glad I am doing it with little Moos like you in my life ❤

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