I Only Think of You

I only think of you on two occasions, that’s day and night ~Babyface

I Only Think of You

Hat/Hair: Tableau Vivant, Paper @Shiny Shabby Event
Shirt/Skirt: La Penderie de Nicole , Neva @Shiny Shabby Event
Bracelet: ieQED, Brisa @ Kustom 9
Jewelry Set: [Mandala], Prophesy
Pose: .Slouch



2 thoughts on “I Only Think of You

  1. Beautiful and moving quote and I totally feel it’s depth! As always awesome styling – btw I thought of you yesterday when I don the .shi vest over a yasum outfit to photograph Carnage City – thanks for your inspirations and shopping guide❤️

    1. hehe I am so glad I was a part of you finding your inner diva Miya! I kinda like it when someone takes my idea and makes it one step better in their own stylings because you looked fab! ❤

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