Clam Diggin’

As you grow older, you learn a few things. One of them is to actually take the time you’ve allotted for vacation. ~ John Battelle

Clam Diggin

Last week a dear friend, Eleanorjean blogged  “In a Puff of Smoke”  suggesting I should get out there and explore all the wonderful Second Life SIMs before they disappear and over the weekend I took it to heart, donned some clam-diggers and a ‘kini top, jumped out of the sky and landed at my friend Kiana Lexingstar’s new home on Antigua. She recently sent her friends an invite and explained the SIM was created “A vision of beauty & friendship. Once day 3 friends were hanging out, just chatting. Those friends were myarichards, Cruz Quinnell, and Kiana Lexensstar. mya mentioned how much she loved vacationing to Antigua in RL and 3 weeks later the sim Antigua Reef was “born”.”

Photo by: Giselle Chauveau
Photo by: Giselle Chauveau

As I was snapping a few pictures of the gorgeous island, I did a double-take when I saw one of my besty’s Giselle Chauveau like mindedly shooting pictures. We chatted a moment, agreed to blog together next week and generally caught up with each others comings and goings. It was great to actually speak to someone in SL, I usually just hide on my platform and work away. Heck, I’d almost say it had been a week or so since I chatted inworld.

Antigua I

Oh! and the goodies, visiting this lovely  place was so calm and soothing that I am dying to add Antigua of the real sort to my bucket list of places I will go see before I retire. I mean, seriously, everyone should retire to “Saint Somewhere” so I better get looking for the perfect spot now. Right?

Antigua II

I want to thank, Eleanorjean for making me get up and move, to Kiana Lexenstar for thinking to include her friends in her new home, and to Giselle, for being a great companion on a fine summer day and for agreeing to throw in on a co-blog next week. See? This may be my last blog for the week, I think, it’s a holiday and all, but I believe I ended it in a perfect way for a beachy kind of weekend. I hope your weekend is surrounded by lots of family and friends, and if you reside in the United States of America, I suggest you do what I do every year, I find one of my British born friends and demand they cook for the 4th because they lost the war. Well, I used to, until he became vegan, after that, why bother.. I guess… **sigh**

Hair: Truth, Randa **NEW**
Necklace: Pure Poison, Wilda
Glasses: Gizza, Over-sized Cats Eye **NEW**
Pant: .Shi, Rolled Up Pant Uber **(This is for Homme, so if worn by female may require some shape adjustment)**
Top: Baiastice, Shechy
Sandal: {Kokoi}, Mikonos for SLink


6 thoughts on “Clam Diggin’

  1. What a perfect post! I used to go clam digging with my grandma every summer so i was reading your blog with a big smile today!

    1. I can’t say I’ve ever been clamming, not sure we have them in Florida but I’ve gone scalloping and “oystering” a time or two and have worn clam diggers a bit as well. I am glad it brought happy memories today Owl, most of my fondest memories are near water. 😀 Huge hug!

  2. Aww, I am so glad you decided to ascend from the heavens, hide those wings, and go for a tip toe through sim-land 🙂 *wink*
    Sounds like it was fun. Love the duds.

  3. Beautiful, I agree to with Eleanorjean and is why most of my posts are from on location. No it’s not because I don’t know how to add a background, and no not because I have 6 photo studios with backgrounds lol I just love to explore. I find A place I love or has potential and I add the url to my Photo spots notecard and I am set.. Hugs girlie

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