Mixology 101

The writer is a mysterious figure, wandering lonely as a cloud, fired by inspiration, or perhaps a cocktail or two. ~Sara Sheridan


Still recovering from the rather long weekend but before I left I donned my “Mix” event HUD and did a little shopping. It’s incredible the “finds” involved with this event, I even went to some designer’s stores I hadn’t previously heard of just to explore what’s out there. I reckon, this Mix event might be a great way to introduce your product to a lot of new users. Just a random thought.

Hair: +elua+, Miriam @ Mix event
Shirt: Gizza, Vicky @Shiny Shabby Event
Pants: Gizza, Nico jeans **NEW**
Necklace: MG, Summetime Easy @ Mix event
Bracelet: MG, Honey Diva @ Mix event
Ring: MG, Maya Sun Goddess @ Mix event
Shoos: ISON, Suede Heels @ Mix event

Pose: Overlow

Ear Wax

6 thoughts on “Mixology 101

  1. *Laughs out loud and tosses out tomorrow’s Gizza styling of the green top and flowered slacks and vows to avoid the vulcan mind meld with Cao. Giggles and hands her a chocolate caramel swirl stuffed cone.* Awesome and beautiful summer fun style. Love this pic!

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