3 Days and Counting

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. ~ Desmond Tutu


I noticed on the Second Life Hair Fair blog today that it’s almost time for the 2015 Hair Fair that benefits the charity Wigs for Kid’s. It will be held July 11th thru the 26th of this month. If you follow this —> link <— to the Hair Fair blog you can find all sorts of pertinent information, I know they had an application for blogger’s but even if you aren’t accepted as a blogger I hope you will feel it on your heart to blog or just buy from the event. We all love wearing Second Life hair, we buy it anyway, why not buy at a venue that benefits others? The real world charity Wig’s for Kids supplies terminally ill children with hairpieces when their ravished bodies lose their hair due to illness or treatment for terminal illnesses. Last year I blogged ten days in a row without hair and I have to tell you, it really surprised me, actually shamed me, how difficult it was to take pictures of myself without hair. Vanity thy name is Cao and she’s just a fictional character! I can’t imagine how it feels to a small child or teenager to live this way. Please help. If you would like more information on Second Life’s Hair Fair click the Hair Fair logo on the right column, if you would like more information on Wigs for Kids, I have a logo on the right for the charity as well, click it and it will take you to Wigs for Kids official website. I hope you will click on both. Let’s do this. In 2013 my friends and followers of this blog chipped in to donate 56,502L’s for Hair Fair, I have nothing to auction off this year, I’d certainly consider selling this new shape with all proceeds to go to Wigs for Kids, but I doubt there would be any real interest I’ve been retired for so long. I have decided I will donate at least 25,000L’s personally though. I hope you too will choose to be involved!

Hair: Rowne, Natasha bun **NEW**
Dress: HMAEM, Nina **NEW**
Glasses: Gizza, Oversized Cat-eye **NEW**
Necklace: *{Junbug}*, Pearls of Wisdom @FaMESHed
Bag: Baiastice, Hobo Clutch
Earring: Paper Couture, Pearls and Brass Earring
Stocking: Izzie’s, Maitreya stocking applier

10 thoughts on “3 Days and Counting

  1. I think this is such a wonderful cause. I can’t imagine being at an age where peers are so important and having to deal with something so outwardly visually different on top of dealing with the illness that caused the hair loss.
    Oh Oh oh!!!!! I have an idea. I didn’t get to experience the fun you had blogging this event last year so…… I am going to challenge myself. Each day of the hair fair I am going to try and blog an outfit in two ways. The first shot is with a hair from the fair, the second is one without hair? Or if I get really industrious, two outfits; one with and one without hair? This could either be lots of fun or I will end up screaming and depressed and find myself sitting in a fetal position in a corner rocking myself back and forth repeating “Cao said she did this, Cao said she did this”.

  2. *pages through Websters to the word ‘difficult’ then pages to the word ‘hate’ decides to drink the tequila for courage 🙂 makes a note: buy Cao a bottle or tequila if you live through this*

  3. You know I’ll be there. I still have folders from last ones that I am not sure I even wore all the hair I bought….but that is hardly the point. I go for the cause…so count me in and I’ll add another dusty folder of Hair for 2015 lol

  4. I hope they have some nice gent’s hair at the Faire! Especially my current favorite, No Match 🙂 Love that photo, Cao, it’s a classic

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