Left Bereft

If “Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.” Why do I suddenly feel like the bald headed stepchild? ~Lil Cao

Left Bereft
Hair: Zibska, Tethys **2015 Hair Fair** . Collar: Zibska .

2000 Lindens Is the current bid on my “Picture done by Skip Staheli” auction for 2015 Hair Fair benefitting Wigs for Kids. Naw, about the quote? It’s my own fault honestly. You know I’m not inworld much anymore and I was actually invited into the Hair Fair early entrance group, I just wasn’t inworld when they were opening up the SIM. Anyways, as such, I’ve not made it to the SIM… Yet. I have seen some excellent blog posts on the hairs available and written down the ones I want to go buy, so you guys keep up the good work and I’ll live vicariously through you all for a few more days or so!

Hair: Zibska, Rhea **2015 Hair Fair** . Necklace/Earring: [Mandala], Tefutefu/Senjyu . Gown: Baiastice, Karin . Pose: Katinks .
Ear Worm

9 thoughts on “Left Bereft

  1. You will survive, be the best you know how as a person and your life already has and always will have meaning. Big hug. Xx

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