And so, I was a real model for an hour…

Come on… don’t you want a one of a kind picture with Skip too? You will treasure it Long after you leave Second Life’s doors. I know I love all of mine. 12000L is the current bid for the picture, and don’t forget, I am buying the photography session, your Linden will go directly to the real life charity Wigs for Kids. Time is running out, just a few more days to bid. ♡

Cait's World

One of the things I have had on my wishlist in Second Life, was to have my portrait made by Skip Staheli. I’ve admired his work for ages and always enjoy his photo’s on Flickr.
Sure I can do my own pics, but I just wanted one of those beautiful portraits that Skip creates. Because I am vain like that. And I was curious on what he would ‘made of me’.

So finally last week Monday, I got my one hour of being a real model while posing for him in his Purple Cows Studio! I was a bit nervous, not being used to pose like front of a green screen and being posed by someone else. My first time in an SL Studio! Who would have thought that!

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4 thoughts on “And so, I was a real model for an hour…

  1. Do you actually have an appointment with Skip that you are auctioning? If so, when is the date and time, because I’d be very interested.

    1. Actually the date and time will be figured out when the winner can talk about with Skip. So it’s open at this point. I think if you contact Cottoncandy teardrop she could better tell Skips normal working times. Hmm, maybe I should ask too and include it. Thanks Becky! Good question!

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