Forever Isn’t For Everyone

“I don’t understand how I can know so little about love and how it works. How I can be so bad at it when it’s all I’ve ever wanted. All I’ve ever known is about leaving or being left.” ~ Carrie Ryan

Background Planc

Here’s to the people who pick up the pieces, dust off their knickers and forge on. You truly are the salt of the Earth.


Top: Addams, Suede Foxy Top @ ~Uber~
Jacket: *CoCo*, Cropped Denim @ ~Uber~
Skirt: Glam Affair, Angy skirt @ ~Uber~
Hair: .Shi, Ruff it Up @ ~Uber~
Lips: Izzy, Shay @ ~Uber~
Bag: =Zenith=, Rattan shoulder Bag
Jewelry: [Mandala, Princess Dog Tag

Ear Worm:

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