Miscreants and Our Misspent Youth

Keeping it short goes a long way ~Richard Bronson

Scene One

Gosh I should know that quote by heart, I practically inhaled it when I was in college learning to speak perfectly fluent business communications. I can remember spending hours writing some stiff business memo or another and then another hour hacking it to pieces to take out all those superfluous “that’s”, “very’s”, “totally’s” and any other of the complex pairings that mean the same thing. But what can I say? I’ve no excuse. I mean, you all knew I was “taking a break” from blogging, remember? So I partly blame all of you. It ain’t pretty when cows are left alone. We get bored. Hmmm, I wonder if I can use that as my defense? Naw, I seem to remember seeing that one on the nightly news when some local juveniles were out of school for the summer got into some mischief.  Do you suppose it worked for them, or did they get a schoolin’ of a more permanent sort?

Scene Two

I really tried to blame you, but I can’t. I wanted to blame Collabor88 for the “no Cao’s allowed the first week” rule they enacted this round, but I can’t blame them either, I mean who wants me there?  I take up a lot of space, graze all day and bling the heck out of the place. Or maybe I blame Facebook for once again blocking me out until I proved, once again, that I am I and Cao is we. Honestly though, it wasn’t them or y’all, it was all moi, I could have tagged and ran, but then I noticed my friend Wrennoir Cerise was watching so, I guess I started to show off a little bit. Just a little, right? I mean, I knew she was a photographer but I had no clue times were so hard and she’d hooked up with that dam TMZ of SL! Geesh some peeps will do anything for a little Linden love..  Anyway, I got 50 hours of community service. *sigh* And as my first act of contrition, I mean “community service” I wanted to warn everyone, she’s out to catch all of us with her stinkin’ camera, so you better watch out! There, how’s that for an hour worth of community service?

Photo By WrenNoir Cerise
Photo By WrenNoir Cerise

I know, it’s tough being me. Aren’t you glad that you are you?


Headphones: Azoury, Headphone Noise @On 9
Hat: Credo, [graphic beanie]
Pant/knickers: .::[nerd monkey]::., (Wrecking pants)
Shirt: [N*Monkey], Skull tank top
Bracelet/Earrings: [Mandala], Senjyu & Sitennoah
Belt: >>DK<<, graffiti belt
Cans: [FlitInk, spray paint can

Pose: Del May, Trying to sulk (male)

Ear Worm:

23 thoughts on “Miscreants and Our Misspent Youth

  1. I was heading to bail you out but I got hijacked by a dragon and she forced me into her taxi to go shopping. What could I do? She was holding a Frappuccino and waving a chocolate chip cookie under my nose speaking of shoes on sale.
    I’ll be right there, honest I will, right after I …*sees shoe sale and looses focus*

      1. Well, that’s the beauty of the in world tools and a good machine. The photo tools and wind lights are almost better than Photoshop. If only we could change the lighting in the real world as easily… Still, it takes skill…I’ve seen some really bad raw shots…I have several I can show you. 🙂 I mean…not raw in that way…

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