I Got Dressed Up to Ride For You

“I knew the second I met you that there was something about you I needed. Turns out it wasn’t something about you at all. It was just you.” ~ Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire


It’s been some kind of week. Work is shellacking me to the wall. But I was thinking, do you ever wonder why we fall out of love so often? Well, perhaps you haven’t, but I sure have in my lifetime of fallin in and out of it and I can tell you, dimes to donuts, if it’s me it’s because I become distracted. We live in such an information driven society, we are constantly connected and at times it seems easier to deal with that little contraption in our hands than it is to deal with the living breathing person standing right in front of us. We become distracted at that pivotal moment when our hearts have grown dull, our ears no longer listen to our “other” and instead of turning the power button off on that dam phone, we choose to shut our eyes to the person we profess to love.

How easily we can be distracted by so many things, whether it’s our relationships with others or heck, simply with the process of driving a vehicle down the road. We are constantly chronically bored and looking for something to entertain us. But do we need all this entertaining? There was a time when “open space” was something to look forward to, the fertility of possibility of having a moment to create and invent. Don’t get me wrong, technology is good, but when you are among family and friends can’t we just put down those angry birds, Second Life, or Facebooks long enough to actually see and hear what is going on about us? For once lets stop hiding away in the avoidance technology that so seductively tempts us and pay attention to the words hidden beneath the words coming out of his/her mouth. The take from? Naw, I don’t really have one today. I reckon I just got caught up in this quagmire of thought and had to write it down, take it for what it’s worth to you. For me? Five o’clock today, I’m shutting my cellphone down and going on a weekend get away. Life is Good. I hope yours is too.


Hair: *Argrace Nao **NEW**
Becklace: !:Lybra:!, Ysebelle Pebbles @On 9
Dress: :V.e., Jasmine @On 9
Bag: David Heather, Skalidi Clutch
Shoos: E-Clipse, Follia @ On 9
Pose: {Nantra}

Ear Worm

13 thoughts on “I Got Dressed Up to Ride For You

  1. I’ve never done that, fallen out of love with someone. I get far too attached to people and that is my trouble. If anyone goes out of my life for whatever reason, I am absolutely distraught. I need to learn detachment badly. *hugs*

  2. OH MY! *stomps and takes a pouty pose with her hands firmly placed on her hips trying to look serious* I take a little break from the cyberworld and come back and find that you were roaming around in my mind setting up housekeeping while I was away. Are you stalking my little grey cells and mining them for thoughts? Oh NO! Maybe I am stalking your mind???
    Did you move my couch? *smiles and plops down into a chair hands Cao the saltwater taffy she brought back for her* Anything new?

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