Troubadour’s and Minstrel’s

Thank the God’s for the Troubadour’s and Minstrels~ Cao


Kind of strange but oddly true, I began to write this blog late into Saturday night, but nodding off on the laptop I decided to save it for another day. Somehow I think the fates got it right by holding me off. There are few, I’d say an “nth” percentile of hearing abled humans who don’t have some song, just one song that they have grabbed so close to their heart because it touched some piece of their life. Just some speck, a relationship, a struggle, a triumph. The song just seemed to fill, in a musical way, exactly what their lives were encompassing at that specific moment of their lives, filling it, giving it extra color, a new dimension of richness. Heck, I can actually say a lot of my “music” is provided by birds and cows most of these days, not complaining, just pointing out that not all music is music by the human kind. In fact this blog post was prompted by the braying (yes, like a donkey braying) of a bull I have lovingly nicknamed Broadway Joe due to his proclivity to serenade me through out the day. But it’s these sounds, songs, they’re carefully worded story that adds backdrop to our life story. So much so when we hear the song years later it floods our soul with memory, good or bad, its right there washing over us one more time, filling us with “what ifs”, “thank Gods”, “I wonders” and yeah, sometimes even guilt and shame. Because thats the thing about music, it touches the spectrum of our emotions, touches the very core of our soul.

Thank the Gods for Troubadour’s and Minstrel’s. David Bowie, may you rest in peace.

Hair: Boon, KBO906
Jewelry: (Kunglers, Philippa @ On9
Dress: Gizza, Ribboned Ruffle @ The Chapter Four
Stole: Gizza, Crystal Faux Fur (part of the Crystal Formal outfit)
Gloves: *BOOM*, Dame Elbow Gloves
Skin: Dee Talez, Duska


6 thoughts on “Troubadour’s and Minstrel’s

  1. I am going to steal that entire outfit….apart from the grey hair (I know it’s ‘in’ but hey. I like to get really slammed up sometimes when I’m building and the fur stole will help to reduce the winter chill ❤

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