On Parenting

If your kids are giving you a headache, follow the directions on the aspirin bottle, especially the part that says, ‘keep away from children.’ ~ Susan Savannah

On Parenting

I figured out today that it’s probably a good thing I can’t have children. They require work and care you see, and as a non-morning person I’m pretty sure they don’t have too many children who live on bankers hours. Do they? Case in point, lately, Katy, you know, my resident Duchess Dee.Oh.Gee, other-wise known as the Jack Russell Terrior-isT has been leaving hints that she is considering putting me up for adoption. You can imagine the behavior, leaving my favorite T-shirt at the door next to my sneakers, pulling my backpack out of the closet, typing and printing a “new mom wanted poster” and sticking it on the fridge. A few months ago she started having seizures, since she is 15 years old this probably isn’t too uncommon. Her “DockTore” as she calls him, put her on a low dose of phenobarbital, which though it has stopped the seizures, judging by the way she constantly looks like she wants to chew on my leg, I think it makes her feel hungry all the time. You know, kind of like this:


This morning, really no different than any other morning I was dragging around the house, in a fog, getting ready for work. Its not usually too much to manage, I work off a check list after all. Let Katy out *check*, make coffee *check*, give Katy a treat and breakfast when she comes in *check*, take a shower check* etc. For some reason this morning as I walked about the house doing my list Katy followed me around, grunting and giving me a “bish please” look. If you have a Dee.Oh.Gee I’m sure you know the look. That sort of telepathic brain control look “you will do what I want..now”..

Long story, well, way too long at this point, I told her she was driving me crazy and I didn’t need her to roll the toilet paper for me thank you very much! In a huff, she wandered off. Oh! To the point of the title? As I was grabbing my keys to run out the door, my eyes scanned around to see if I forgot anything and there sitting on the dining room table was her breakfast. *sigh* Mom for sale, for free.

Hair: *ARGRACE*, Nao
Earrings: Kunglers, Luna
Necklace(s): (Yummy), Urban Native and Boho Beaded
Vest: Ison, Rawhide vest
Shirt: Spirit, Neal tank
Pant: Ison, Rope belt chinos
Watch: Mandala

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